North Florida Archers meeting minutes
October 04, 2022

Meeting was called to order by President Butch White @ 6:00pm

Minutes from September meeting read by Deb Allen – motion and 2nd to accept as read

Treasurer report read by Deb Allen – motion and 2nd to accept as read

New business:

·   Ethical shoot was a good set-up- however there was a low turnout

·   There is an issue with Facebook the flyer didn’t go out (account frozen) therefore unable to access per the Media Director Abby. - Abby is working to correct this issue – changing to Facebook Group

·   East Coast Championship IBO  ( March 25 & 26) per Levy ( offering great prizes and sponsorship)

·   TAS – Darren may not do a sanctioned event in 2023 – NFA would still like to do a TAS event where all proceeds will stay in the club using the TAS format because NFA is hosting sanctioned event in 2024.

·    ASA meeting cancelled because of hurricane – waiting for reschedule to get dates we want for 2023.

·   Electric gate operation is currently not consistent – old gates are causing the problem. The gate company will be back out to work on the gate.

·   Butch reached out to Brian @ COJ to get advice for replacing gates – would like for COJ to assist in replacing with new ones since this is city property.

·   Went over the particulars for the Awards banquet/Christmas Party – invitations going out this week.

·   New member orientation change – from in person orientation to completion of a questionnaire sent back to club email to get club access code.

·   Extreme shoot is November 5th – 25 30 Targets jp

·   Discussion was made regarding when most of the clubs funds are made to cover expenses for the year – this happens at the beginning of the year – which is when club renewals occur – insurance and membership dues.

·   Tournaments later in the year do not make as much money.

·   Beginning in 2023 Coins will be given for the Ethical, Extreme and Championship shoots with a certificate. In addition to the Tom Swift shoot (1st place will be larger than 2nd and 3rd)

·   A new map of the club has been created by Dylan – will be in the membership packages and a large scale one will be on display at the pavilion.

·   Butch ask for volunteers for the Extreme shoot for set up and general duties.

·   Mike Shea discussed the 2023 ASA club membership which will be opening in December – last year the cost was $600.00 - the club gets 10 memberships – Mike is getting information for all ASA members that are returning to see how many additional memberships will be needed to make 10.

·   December 17th is the only day to do a 14-14 event per Mike Shea. This will be added to the Calander if it is possible.

·   Brooks Veteran shoot that has been the 3rd week of each month grant expired – there are enough funds for 1 more month. - Brooks is working towards a new grant.

·   NFA is sponsoring the Wounded Warrior event October 26th 2022 – time: 4-530 (recurve and compound)   more participation is needed for it to continue -

·   ASA targets approx. $1000.-$1500. (not available yet) waiting to see when the Black Buck and Antilope can be purchased.  A motion was made to spend $1,200.00 for targets and @nd.

·   Deb Allen will be stepping down as Treasurer due to time limit for position in December.  the duties she is currently doing will be divided between the new treasurer and the secretary.

·   Anyone interested in running or holding the position is asked to email the club requesting to be added to the ballot.


     Motion to adjourn and second  6:41pm 



Recorded by Debbie Allen