North Florida Archers meeting minutes
September 06, 2022

   Meeting was called to order by President Butch White @ 6:01pm

   Motion was made to by-pass the minutes second (they were published online for review.

   Treasurer report was read motion made and 2nd and accepted.

   Discussion was made to make the change from current ownership (previous club president) to current president and treasurer when officers change to make sure there is always a way to access funds.   Same would hold true for the square account.

   Discussion was made to transition the change of duties for treasurer and secretary.  meaning the secretary will take on the membership responsibilities and the treasurer would only take care of the finances.

New business:

   Traditional Championship the past weekend, (43 paying classes) coins were given out instead of plaques at the cost.

   Compound Championship this this weekend 25 targets 3 classes (open-fixed pin-slider) men's and women's (50% payout.

   Suggested - Beginning 2023 other than ASA events there should not be a payout give awards discussion tabled until later this year.

   Ethical shoot plaques are being ordered

   Extreme shoot is slated to get coins 1st place is being ordered as a larger coin.

   Both are 1-day events with a shotgun start (start points Compound will start at target 1 Trad will start at target 15.

   New gate there was an issue with the magnet on top of the gate it had to be upgraded to a 600lb magnet to make sure gates close tightly.

   All members will be given a gate code to enter the club - (families will be given 1 code for the entire family) - Goal is to have this complete by end of September.

   The gate is doing what it should by making sure no one not covered by insurance is allowed to enter.

   All new members will have to take a safety course prior to gaining entry (access) to the club.

   Foam for targets will be needed at the January workday discussion to have 2 pallets for future repairs.

   Jim Parsons brought up moving tuning paper bail it will be moved due to safety to the berm area.

   IBO East Coast Championship has been in Ft Myers they want to relocate because founder passed away NFA has been asked to host next year - (around March)

   Trad Southeast Regional 2024 - (scheduled for Memeorial Day Weekend) NFA will be hosting.

   Election was done for VP position Justin Connally won in a landslide he will also be continuing as Sr Range Officer Until December 2023.

   Motion to adjourn 2nd    6:45pm



Recorded by Debbie Allen