North Florida Archers meeting minutes
February 7, 2023

February 7, 2023

Call to Order = Butch White

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence

Old Business:

    1. Discussed the 3-D Circuit and ASA State Qualifier tournaments.
    2. New Archer Class on Saturday February 11, 2023.
    3. Discussed the monthly club shoot = Average turnout.
    4. Discussed the status of the new gate codes. Since there hasnít been any trouble since the new gat was installed, Butch will start to work on getting all the gate codes entered.

New Business:

    1. We will be hosting a TAS style event on February 17-19. Event starts on Friday the 17th at noon.
    2. March Events that we will be hosting:
      1. March 11th-12th = Monthly Shots
      2. March 24th-26th = IBO East Coast Championship. Will need volunteers for this weekend.
    3. We will be hosting the ASA State Championship the weekend of July 22nd-23rd.
    4. We will be hosting the 3-D Circuit Championship the weekend of July 29th-30th.
    5. Targets: (Motion by Butch White, and 2nd by Mike Shea)
      1. 3-D Targets = Motion made to purchase a range from the ASA Fort Benning Shoot for $5,500. Motion passed, and Jeremy will call ASA to make payment.
      2. Bales = motion made to purchase a pallet of foam. Was voted to make an order up to $5,000 (including shipping). Motion passed, and Butch to make order and let Jeremy know for payment to be made.

There being no further business, motion made to adjourn.



Recorded by Jeremy Hall