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If you havenít been out to the range lately, come see all the changes happening. With the help of many volunteers, both ranges look better than ever. We have put in a new field archery range, changed out the practice range targets, reworked the youth range, and are just about finished working on a new camping area for our shoots. But, our 3D targets still need upgrading.

To replace many of our over shot and worn out targets on both 3D ranges, a few years ago the board elected to establish a Voluntary Archery Fund. Our low yearly dues are not sufficient to keep our targets in repair and purchase the much needed replacements.

If you would like to donate you have three options. You can write a check payable to:

'North Florida Archers' and mail to:

North Florida Archers Target Fund
PO BOX 1387
Orange Park Fl 32067 - 1367

Please note on your check "for Voluntary Archery Fund"

If you prefer, you may donate via Paypal or Credit Card with the
"Donate" button shown below.

Whichever way you choose, your support is greatly appreciated.

A donation of $50 will get your name added to the Target Fund Supporters board posted at the club parking area. All Target Fund Supporters will be included in a year end Target Fund raffle for a $$$ gift card from Green Acres Sporting Goods.



Thank you for your support in helping make NFA the best range ever.


NFA Board of Directors and Officers