North Florida Archers meeting minutes
December 7, 2011

Members present: John Gutry Billy Laudermilk Phil Wyrich Charles Nelson Grover Hendel
The meeting was called to order at 6 pm and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our troops.

Mr. Nelson presented the Treasure's report for Sept. Oct. and Nov 2011. Report was accepted as read. 

Old business:

President John Gutry opened the meeting by opening up topics of old concerns. The first topic was the replacement of bag covers on all targets needing new covers. It was decided after discussing the problem in detail that covers would be taken off the bags, bands would be cut, bags would be turned 90 degrees  then re-banded. All bags will have a minimum of 4 bags covering the shooting sides. Work day for this effort will be 21/ 22 Jan. 2012. John will have the Forklift delivered on the 20th of Jan 2012.

New Business:
Mr. Laudermilk presented the shoot schedule for 2012. It is as follows:
Sunday 5 Feb
Sunday 04 March
Sunday 01 April
Fri>Sunday 13>15 April Traditional shoot
Sunday 06 May
Sunday 03 June
Sunday 01 July
Sunday 05 August Extreme Shoot

Committee determined the last official club Meeting of the year 2012,  will be the1st Wed. of Sept 2012

Mr. Laudermilk discussed the classes of shooters NFA will have this year. They are as follows:  Open 45 yards class A/B
Open 40 Yards
Known 45
Known 40
Novice 30
Youth 15
Open 40 yards Max.
Hunter 30 yards

Mr. Wyrick asked had the club considered using Facebook as one of the means to communicate with it's members, and the community.  It was discussed but no decision was made.  Mr. Wyrick also discussed the appointment of one Range officer, and up to three additional helpers as assistant's.  This was agreed upon with the understanding that the range officer was responsible for all range safety and target placements.  Mr. Wyrick made another recommendation that was greeted with approval, and that was the appointment of a Liaison Officer for the club.  This position will be a officer and will have the responsibility for the following.

a. Notifying all members and community of club events
b. assembling persons for work parties
c. keeping news medias aware of club events 

It was agreed by all members that Mr. Wyrick was the right man for the position, and should start right away in a temporary capacity.  This will be brought up for a vote during the Feb. 2012 formal club meeting.

Further discussion by the club members focused on gifts for shooters at the end of the last shoot.  It was discussed that major manufactures be contacted to see what the cost would be for our club to purchase a new Bow.  Mr. Nelson will contact Mathews, Mr. Laudermilk will check others.

Purchase of ASA targets was discussed.  Mr.  Nelson informed the members that ASA has increased their price for a range from 3000 dollars to thirty five hundred, and centers for a full range with targets is 5200 dollars.  It was discussed of purchasing the ASA targets that Green Acre's has on hand from the last buy. Mr. Nelson thinks he can get a better deal from them than buying from ASA.  Mr. Nelson will report back on his findings.  


Adjournment the meeting was adjourned.

Recorded by Charlie Nelson