North Florida Archers meeting minutes
December 6, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and a moment of silence was observed for our men and women serving at home and abroad.
No minutes were read from prior meeting. Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report which included both October and November details. 
·          We had 15 memberships renewed or started during this 2 month span.
·          Regular monthly disbursements (utilities, etc…) for both months.
·          Target acquisition expense in October for last group of targets purchased.
·          The 2nd Annual Ethical Shoot saw an overall increase in participation from both Traditional & Compound Archers of all ages with total income from the shoot up over $175.
Mike Chessor updates & talking points:
·          The Hog has returned and continues his destructive habits of target molestation. 6 Targets were knocked over and the Lion Target attacked between Saturday, Dec 2 and Sunday, Dec 3 prior to start of the Ethical Shoot.
o         Mike has discussed with City and they agree that something should be done and the City may participate in cost.
o         Mike has scheduled an appointment with a local, insured trapper of nuisance Hogs and other animals (some of you may have seen him on Nat Geo TV Show – Ryan w/Quick Catch).
o         They will walk the club property for assessment.
o         Trap will pose no threat to life of animal or human.
o         Some back sections of the club may be closed to foot traffic while this project is active (details forthcoming).
·          Membership prices will increase effective January 1, 2018 “on your renewal date”.
o         Mike’s comments…annual membership dues will increase to $60 for individual memberships and $75 for family memberships, effective on your renewal date. This increase is necessary to help cover the ever increasing cost of maintaining the club. The increase will take at least a year for us to fully realize the benefits. The membership increase will put us in a solid financial position to address much needed improvements that will be necessary going forward. This was not an easy decision to make but we know it is necessary for the long term financial health of our club.
·          Mike asked attendees for feedback on what  was done well in 2017:
o         The Rendezvous and All the Monthly 3d Shoots were good and had good participation.
o         Tuesday shoots were a great success, in part due to increased usage of Social Media – which will continue.
o         Club growth in membership.
·          Mike asked attendees for feedback on areas of improvement going forward:
o         Maintenance and upkeep of the Club including overall club appearance including trash on the ranges.
o         Large tree stands need inspection.
o         Road into the club now has some deep pot holes.
o         Off – target lane shooting continues to be an issue – is very dangerous and is prohibited by Club Rules.
·          Mike proposed a change to the Monthly 3d Shoots: No changes proposed to Tuesday Working Man Shoot.
o         Number of Targets increased to 25.
o         Cash Payout participation increased to $20 per shooter  – includes mulligan
o         Recreational increased to $15
o         There will be a VOTE on the primary price increases at the January 3 Meeting.
·          Due to some confusion noted by members regarding the use of the Mulligan the club will no longer offer a mulligan at the Extreme Shoot or the Ethical Shoot.
o         As a reminder, the use of the 1 mulligan is simply to remove the lowest score on your card which in many cases is a miss: “X” or body shot: “5”.
o         Replace that score with your score on the Mulligan (used 1 time) unless the Mulligan offers no increase to your score.
·          Last Thoughts…
o         2018 work day schedule
o         January 18th is the primary day to prepare for the Rendezvous with trail/course work.
§          Including 20/yd and 30/yd bale reset and repair.
o         May 19th a Club Maintenance Day is scheduled for other needed activities.
o         Website fees are due for renewal per Jim P. ~ Agreed to by membership.
·          There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. 
Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams