North Florida Archers meeting minutes
Dec 02, 2015

Meeting came to order, and all was asked to pay tribute to our American Colors by reciting the pledge of allegiance. Upon conclusion Mr. Laudermilk asked all attendee's to pay tribute to our men in uniform by saying a silent prayer for those serving our Nation in foreign and domestic lands.

Meeting came to order again with Mr. Laudermilk asking that the treasury report be given to attending members. Mrs. Lesa Clifford (NFA Treasure) provided the report without questions concerning the contents. Report was accepted as read .by all attendees.

Mr. Laudermilk then asked that the minutes be provided from previous meeting of 06 October 2015. Mr. Nelson provided the minutes as follows. 

Mr. Nelson was approved to accept all monies being given to the club for the purpose of Christmas Dinner by all attendee's due to the confusion for the total number of past attendee's to diner. Mr. Nelson said he must turn numbers over to the diner provider one week prior to actual diner. Mr. Nelson said this was no easy task as hundred of people and dollars are involved. 

Discussion by Mr. Laudermilk concerning the Archer of the Year Award forthcoming, was without conclusion as to whom would be receiving the award. Persons without names being given were discussed as contributors to club efforts as well, and it was concluded that additional recognition should be given to those as well, as well as the Archer Of the Year.

Mr. Laudermilk turned the topic of discussion to the targets needing repairs. He stated that he has decided (with the approval of members) that no additional target replacements will be conducted on the field range. He concluded that the twenty yard target, as well as the thirty are the two targets needing attention. He proposed that he would move the 20 yard targets to one of the back targets and reverse the target. Move the back target to the 20 and if needed rotate front to back. Same will be applied to the thirty yard target. 

Mr. Laudermilk then made another statement concerning the woods targets and the maintenance needed for them. He said he will attempt to put covers on all of the woods targets. He stated all he needed was some lumber. 

Discussion of the danger involving the Youth range and its users. Mr. Nelson said he had had problems with archers with adult bows using the youth range and arrows were winding up on the Bike Trails. This needs to be corrected with a back drop or the removal of the youth range all together, as we as a Club cannot continue ignore the danger. 

Discussion of the Traditional target placement was also an issue. It was stated that the fist 4 targets need some kind of a back stop as well. This issue is to be investigated by Board Members and fellow Archers. 

Mr. Laudermilk informed attendee's of the upcoming Election in Feb. 2016. He said he would run for the President position and serve the total year. The president position has been assumed mid year for several elections. This action By Mr. Laudermilk will get it back on track. He then stated several positions are needed filling. He stated that the Club is in need of a Secretary, as Mr. Nelson is just filling in due to the shortage and he has other responsibilities he needs to monitor. In addition to this, the club needs another Range Officer! 

The hot topic of the day is what constitutes a traditional Bow, and what Class should all of the different bows be in. It had been discussed at the Oct meeting and recommended by members in attendance that some of the Bows owned by some members should not be competing with some other Club Traditional bows as they have an advantage. Discussion by members covered all aspects of each bow and what advantage if any one had over the other. Conclusion was that there is no advantage. Motion was made to keep the classification of bows be kept as they currently are. Motion was passed and no changes to current classification will be taken. 

Minutes as read was accepted by attendees.

Mr. Laudermilk informed all members that each month the club holds meeting and if you want to be involved you should attend. He stated that the meeting is held to discuss club business and if any member is concerned about issues involving the club, he/she should be at the meeting. 

It was recommended by several attendee's that rule changes should not be brought up and passed without due notice to all members prior to the meeting. Members suggested that changes being considered be posted on the Web with the date for discussion by all members concerned. 

With no further discussion the meeting was closed.


Recorded by Charlie Nelson