North Florida Archers meeting minutes
    November 7, 2018

    The Club Meeting was called to order by Club President, Michael Chesser The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country.

    The minutes from the last meeting were read by the Club Secretary. Minutes were accepted by membership as read.

    The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity for the month of October.

  • Club expenses were usual and customary with a note that the foam for the target bale reset has been delivered.
  • October saw a mix of membership activity with 19 new members and 8 renewals during the month.
  • Checking and Savings balances are looking good.

    Wil turned over the floor to Billy Loudermilk/ Club Chairman of the Board.

  • The search continues for a certified instructor to lead youth instruction efforts which are currently suspended by membership vote. Issue remains pending.
  • Michael Chesser Talking Points:

  • TAS Shoot for February 8, 9 and 10th.
    • Michael reminded everyone about the Traditional Archery Society (TAS) Southeast Championship in February 2019 with some additional information based on discussions with organizers.
      • IBO scoring and stake setup
      • Less shooting categories
      • IBO Classes and Rules
      • Attendee estimates are up to 175 Shooters
      • 40 targets - This is NOT an extreme shoot and should not be setup that way or with typical North FL Archers difficulty.
      • 10 coon shoot targets (Sat Night)
      • The club can sell lunches on Saturday for 100 profit
      • Parking will be addressed by Michael with the COJ. Parking on club property and down at the Park.
      • Additional discussion will be ongoing.


  • Annual Work Day
    • Desire for Work Teams and Team Leaders
    • Mike to lead member contact efforts due to TAS Shoot in February and club needs.
    • Lunch will be provided to all workers.
  • Christmas Party Notes
    • Need 80 people minimum.
    • By vote, Chick and Beef were selected as primary proteins.
    • By vote, Baked Beans, Macaroni & Cheese and Coleslaw were selected as side dishes.
      • Debbie to explore desserts and drinks with Vendor.
      • $13 per person fee helps offset plates, napkins, etc…
      • *** Money and Participant information needed by December 1, 2018.
      • Money can be dropped in Club Lockbox, see main webpage for details.


  • Robin Hood Movie Promotion
    • Movie comes out on Thanksgiving and presents a "darker" side of the legend of Robin Hood.
    • Opening at Cinema in Fleming Island. See Club webpage for more details.
    • Lionsgate Rep said the Club could set up a table and do archery demos at opening, Mike working on further details.
    • Lionsgate Rep did a Club promo on Saturday 10th and held drawings, gave away t-shirts.


  • Robert and Don DeLong are leading efforts for Compound Only Shoot for February. Get with them. There is a flyer at Green Acres with a 50 people minimum. Please let them hear from you!
  • Club Work Day events are going to be promoted via email, Facebook and the Club Website along with Flyers posted at the Club. We need your support! Please plan to attend and help out - Lunch will be provided.
  • Christmas Party Details Reminder Section
    • Shrine Club in Green Cove Springs (Healy/Russell RD) will be rented for the venue at $75/hour and with catering, the cost is estimated at $13/head with no Cost to the Club for the party except for paper goods and decorations.
    • The Club will however put up the refundable security deposit of $500 for the Christmas Party venue on behalf of the club membership.
    • Party is scheduled for Thursday, December 13th, 2018.
      • Setup between 5 and 6pm.
      • Party run from 6pm to 9pm.
      • $10 Gift Limit for Male & Female Gift Exchange.
      • Funds need to collected by December 1 to meet payment deadlines.
      • Members are requested to Call (904) 365-8005 (leave a message w/name, # of people attending). Club Secretary will confirm. The $13 per person fee can be placed in an envelope and placed in the lockbox at the range. You can also send an email to with your member name and # of attendees. Please put NFA Christmas Party in the subject or body. More details will be published on the website soon. The date is rapidly approaching!

    There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


    Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams