North Florida Archers meeting minutes
November 04, 2020

The Club Meeting was attended by Bob Keaton, Butch White, Jim Parsons, Justin Connelly and several other members who normally attend the monthly meetings. The meeting was called to order in an informal manner with Mike Chesser/President to be advised afterwards of issues discussed and/or needing approval. Minute bullets provided by Butch White and compiled by Don Williams/Secretary who was not in attendance.

No minutes from the October 2020 meeting were read.

Meeting was called to address several BIDS received by the Range Officer regarding the entry road to North FL Archers.

A total of 3 bids were received with pro’s and con’s discussed.

The club then voted affirmative to go with the second (mid level) priced bid, subject to approval by the Club President.

This bid from a local business included the following:

  • Two truckloads of clean screened crushed concrete, spread level and compacted with vibratory roller. Work included a 1 year warranty. The work has been completed.
  • Bid available for review to Club Members, please contact Butch White or Don Williams for information.

The following upcoming Club Shoots and Events were discussed:

  • The Compound Championship is being planned for the Weekend of Dec 5 and 6, the same weekend as the NFA Christmas Party.
    • 20 Target qualifying round on Saturday with additional qualifying rounds available until 2pm with scores turned in by 5pm. The highest score goes into the Sunday Final.
    • 20 Target Championship Round on Sunday with COMBINED SCORES by Class.
      • Men/Women Bow Hunter Class - Pins
      • Men/Women Bow Hunter Elite - Slider Sight
      • Men/Women Freestyle - 12+ inch stabilizer with any sight
  • The Christmas Party at NAS was cancelled by NAS.
    • Alternative dinner held onsite at North FL Archers on evening of Dec 5.
    • Awards Banquet was also to be held with various awards such as Shooter of the Year, etc…
  • The Shoot Schedule for 2021 was to be completed soon and published to Facebook and on the North FL Archers website on the Events Link. This has also been completed. Contact Butch White with any questions.

General Reminders for the Following;

  • Found & Lost items should be called in Robert Keaton, his number is posted on Club Homepage. A whiteboard has also been placed up under the pavilion where you can write details of lost item, report target issues, etc..
  • Reminder to ALL: The LAST ONE OUT at any time during the day - LOCKS THE GATE!
  • Bid details for the completed entrance drive are available for Club Members, contact Butch White or Don Williams.

There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

Respectfully, Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams