North Florida Archers meeting minutes
November 2, 2021

The regular monthly club meeting of North Florida Archers was called to order at 5:58 pm by Butch White, Club President

    2. The minutes for the previous meeting were reviewed by Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary and accepted.

    4. The Treasurerís report was reviewed by Butch White, Club President and accepted.

    6. Shirts will need to be ordered for the NFA Traditional Rendezvous. The same "arrowhead" design will be used for the shirts. The name will be changed to the NFA Traditional Rendezvous.

      Going forward, all local NFA Novelty shoots will be using Coins as awards. This change was made due to the expense of plaques and trophies.

      As discussed and voted on in previous meetings, we will offer an optional $2 Mulligan shot for all Club monthly shoots for the upcoming year. Also, the Club will charge a $3 fee for lunch at Club monthly shoots. The charge for lunch will be on a trial basis.

      Butch mentioned the Archery lessons that the Club is offering have been profitable. The club has gained a lot of memberships as a result of the lessons. Thank you to Mike and Debbie for providing the lessons.

    8. Extreme Shoot is coming up in 2 weeks on November 13th. Volunteers are needed to set up the 30 target range. There will be 2 classes for Compound shooters-Slider pins and Fixed pins. Traditional shooters may shoot any bow and arrows; only one class offered. Range finders for this shoot are allowed.

      Proposal to add 3 new positions as officers needs a vote tonight. Descriptions of the roles for: Social Media Director, Tournament Director and Webmaster have been submitted. Motion to accept the presented roles for these positions was voted on and passed.

      Decision has been made to hold the NFA Christmas party at the Club this year. This will take place on December 4th beginning at 4:00 pm. Motion was made to get quotes from local restaurants for catering; motion accepted and passed. This will be added to FaceBook as an event so that members can RSVP.

      There will be a scheduled work day sometime this month or next month to clear underbrush for parking.

      Butch had a discussion with Darren, the director for Traditional Archery Society. It was discussed that the Annual TAS Championship should be moved to different locations each year. Darren agreed that it would be a good idea and has decided to move this shoot to different clubs each year. In 2022 it will be held in Indiana, in 2023 it will be held in Ohio. In 2024, NFA will be hosting the Annual TAS Championship. This shoot always takes place on Memorial Day weekend.

      The IBO Traditional State Championship will be held at our club on March 26 and 27th 2022. IBO will be advertising for this shoot including creating a flyer and distributing it.

      Butch discussed ways to ensure that only members are using the Club. Lately, there has been an influx of non-members coming to the club. This includes many past members that have not renewed their membership. Discussed the possibility of installing an electric gate with an access code. All current members will be given an individual access code to use to enter the gate. There will be a database with all current members and access codes that will need to be maintained by the Club. Mike Chesser and Debbie volunteered to maintain the database.

      Club Elections will be held in January 2022. If anyone would like to enter a name on the ballot the deadline to do so is November 20th. The same ballot system that was used last year will be used again this year.


Mike Chesser made a proposal to remove position of Chairman of the Board. Board Chairman currently serves no purpose and is not necessary for the Board to function. This proposal would include dropping the Board members to 9 for voting purposes. Motion was voted on and passed. This proposal will be added to the website and voted on in the December meeting.

Jim Parsons stated that the Club website is up for renewal. The 2 year renewal was approved.

There are 2 trees down on the walk around ranges. This will be addressed this week. Other than that, walk around ranges are in tip-top condition.

Mike Shea made the suggestion to sell certain older targets that are not suitable for walk around ranges. These can be sold at the upcoming Extreme shoot. The Club members would get first choice if interested in buying.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 6:59 pm and carried.

Meetings minutes completed by: Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary







Recorded by Debbie Lowe