North Florida Archers meeting minutes
October 6, 2021

Meetng called to order by President Butch White @ 6pm - Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence
Minutes waived – secretary not present and minutes not posted to read.
Treasurers report read by Deb Allen and accepted
Mike Shea read Old Business:
• Regarding Mulligan Shot for Traditional and Compound shooters – they would be free on the
Tuesday night shoots and a $2.00 fee would be added to monthly shoots. Compound shooters
would get an extra target in place of the Mulligan. Trad – can shoot right away or use extra
target (this will be a separate target set up)
By taking the mulligan you would drop your lowest score
• Brooks Veteran Archery – would like to set up for the 3rd Wednesday of the month for 12
months from 4-6pm Starting October 20th 2021. Brooks will be purchasing targets needed. for
this the 20 yard lanes will be closed to the public – Max. Of 8 people at a time participating –
this is being done as a community service project.
Note : mask mandate may be in place per Brooks Regulations.
Motion carried unanimously by members present at meeting
• Shooter of the Year requirements:
o Must be a member of the club -
o Only count Monthly shoots and championship
o Will be allowed to miss 1 monthly shoot
o 1 winner for Mens and Womens
o ASA rules – shoot your class at specified stake
o TRAD – doesn't matter if it’s Longbow, Recurve or Primitive
o You can shoot both compound and traditional classes
Motion Carried to accept the new Shooter of the year rules.
• Monthly shoots will start in January 2022
• New positions created – has been posted for membership review (30 days)
o By-law changes:
Web Master (Jim Parsens)
Social Media Administrator (Abby Williams)
Tournament Director (Vacant as of this meeting)
o Create definitions for new jobs and vote at November meeting
• Change Monthly meetings to the same day year-round – Meetings to be held @ 7pm during the
time that there are Tuesday night shoots – once Tuesday night is over meetings will be hels @
Voted on carried – To begin November 2021
New Calander 2022
Reinhardt 100 – Feb 11-13 to be held in Central Florida this year
TAS – Feb 18-20
IBO Florida State Traditional Championship (Trad Only) March 26-27
ASA State Qualifier May 14th
Circuit Shoot – 8 clubs participating statewide – each will host 1 event 30 targets – ASA scoring
(competing for their shooter of the year) NFA will host June 18th
New Business
• Membership renewal and decals emails – we are looking into having an automated
reminder sent to members 30 days prior to membership expiration.
Membership cards must be always visible on members when on premises – parking decal must be
visible in front windshield drivers' side of any vehicle parked on site.
• Sponsorship program – not growing – website does not have information explaining how to
become a sponsor with the levels and ways to pay. Abby is working on updating the include
paypal pay option.
• Dr John is no longer going to be doing this for the club – he has donated a $400.00 Vinyl Printer
to the club for the stickers that go on the board. Thank you, Dr John, – Mike Chesser has agreed
to take over the responsibility. Thank you, Mike,
• Upcoming shoot this weekend – 30 lanes have already been set up
o 3 stakes -
Only 1 compound class (Men and Women) same stake no restrictions
Only 1 trad class (Men and Women) same stake
Youth stake – ages 14 and under
• Coins will be given out with a certificate to winners -
• Going forward we will be giving out coins and certificates at all shoots.
No other business – meeting adjourned 7:30pm


Recorded by Debbie Allen