North Florida Archers meeting minutes
October 4, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Mike Chessor. This meeting took place at Tijuana Flats due to club closure, post Hurricane Irma in September.  No minutes were read from the last club meeting in August.

Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report.

·       We had 2 new members and 4 renewals during the month of September.
·          The Extreme Shoot was a great success!
·          The Monthly and Weekly shoots had good participation and revenue over the course of 2017.
·          Club disbursements during September were low.

Charlie Nelson gave some updates:

·          As of 10/4 the Park and Club remain closed. There are approximately 7 large trees that need to be taken care of by the city for safety reasons.
·          Charlie will begin making his annual membership calls to inquire about participation at the Club Christmas Party.
o         The location will remain the same at Club Continental.
o         Menu & cost per/person is similar 2016: the $15 fee includes 1 raffle ticket for a Morrell Target.
§          Gift Exchange – Male~Male & Female~Female with $5 limit suggested.
§          Other details on the club website and/or Facebook.
§          IF you have special dietary requests or other questions, please contact Charlie.
·          Red Mower remains in the shop – will begin search process for a used mower for the right price.

Mike Chesser updates & talking points:

·          Boundary Fence is mostly complete – will require another work day effort.
·          Property Lease Renewal has been signed – 3 year term.
·          Storm details:
o         There is no power at the Club – Lesa will call JEA and let them know.
o         Large felled trees in all areas of the park. No major damage to pavilion, target bales.
o         Traditional 3D range was washed out with targets all over the place.
o         Foot bridges are gone and will need to be rebuilt on the back side of the range.
o         Ethical Shoot is pending a re-opening of the Club
§          *** Post meeting update from 10/5 – City is already working on the park
§          Stay tuned for further updates.
·          January Work Day will require a pretty big effort. In lieu of ordering bale foam we may try to recycle some of the range bales from the longer shots to the shorter shots which get more activity. This will help reduce our cost and provide money that can be used for additional targets.
·          The December Monthly meeting will take a forward look into 2018 and how we can improve the club membership, our shoots, target acquisition and more. Plan to attend and bring your ideas! Here is a brief list of some of topics already discussed.
o         It was suggested to have both Traditional and Compound Bow for all raffles.
o         Club beautification project to help increase membership.
§          Benches and Chairs at the front target bales
§          Clean up the roof of the pavilion and apply a coating.
§          Create lockable storage area within the main pavilion storage for items in the green storage area which needs some TLC, cleanup & paint.
§          Clean up the old signage and old hanging bow racks.
§          Update signage.
o         Establish 10 target lanes for both 3D practice areas with 1 target per lane.
§          Remove broken targets and partials from the range to encourage shooting at targets w/scoring rings.
o         It was suggested to improve the Extreme Shoot to include a charitable contribution.
o         It was suggested to have a “shooter of the year” in play for 2018
o         It was suggested to review parameters and possibly have other award categories
§           for example a “Working Man Shoot” champion.

Ongoing items include:

o         Pedestrian Swing Gate next to the tractor gate for the back ranges, TBD.

There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. 


Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams