North Florida Archers meeting minutes
October 3, 2018

The Club Meeting was called to order by Vice President Wil Clifford. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country.
The minutes from the last meeting were read by the Club Secretary. Minutes were accepted by membership as read.
The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity for the months since our last meeting in August.
l  Net Revenues from the August Extreme Shoot increased from both 2016 and 2017.
l  The Workin Man Tuesday Shoot Schedule is complete as of mid-August.
l  Club expenses were usual and customary with a note that the foam for the target bale reset has been ordered and should ship by Mid-October.
l August and September saw a mix of membership activity with 11 new members and 12 renewals between the two months.
l Checking and Savings balances are looking good.
Wil turned over the floor to Billy Loudermilk/ Club Chairman of the Board.
l  The search continues for a certified instructor to lead youth instruction efforts which are currently suspended by membership vote. Issue remains pending.
l   Billy brought up a target donation project for the Sasquatch Target - to be discussed in November.
Wil Clifford Talking Points:
l  Wil noted that this time of the year is typically a slow period for club income with the lull between the Extreme Shoot in August and the Ethical Shoot (upcoming Dec 9, 2018).
  Lesa was going to put together a flyer for Green Acres and Southern Sportsman regarding the Ethical Shoot.
  Wil brought up a prior discussion point of the 2019 event schedule which has since been published. See for details.
Wil also spoke briefly regarding the Field Archery Project that Mike Shey is overseeing. Mike then gave an update that work efforts are underway with the hope that it can be ready to go by end of January. This effort is dependent upon a reset of some of the target bales which will take place during the January 2019 work day (see event schedule for details) as well as man-hour time for Mike and others who wish to help out regarding the lane cleanup/configuration and for safety enhancements.  Mike Shey is spearheading the effort. If you would like to contact him, please see a club officer for how to get in touch.
       Proposed concept has 14 lanes total.
l       10 shooting lanes at various distances up to 40 yards.
l       4 lanes challenging the archer at longer distances from 50 to 80 yards.
l       Bale and Paper Targets.
l       Lanes setup for both Field and 3D Archery.
  Wil reminded everyone about the Traditional Archery Society (TAS) Southeast Championship in February 2019 (see event schedule). Ongoing discussions will determine whether we have a regular monthly shoot during February OR if the TAS shoot will be a standalone effort. Club Shoot scheduling for 2019  is tentatively published with further discussions during the Nov and Dec Club Meetings.
l   NFA Officers are looking for feedback on a potential Compound Only Shoot that would be scheduled in 2019. Please let us hear from you!
l   Club Work Day events are going to be promoted via email, Facebook and the Club Website along with Flyers posted at the Club. We need your support! Please plan to attend and help out!
l       Christmas Party Details
Shrine Club in Green Cove Springs (Healy/Russell RD) will be rented for the venue at $75/hour and with catering, the cost is estimated at $13/head with no Cost to the Club for the party except for paper goods and decorations.
The Club will however put up the refundable security deposit of $500 for the Christmas Party venue on behalf of the club membership.
Party would be scheduled for Thursday, December 13th, 2018.
  Setup between 5 and 6pm.
  Party run from 6pm to 9pm.
  $10 Gift Limit for Male & Female Gift Exchange.
  Funds need to collected by Nov. 15, 2018 to meet payment deadlines.
  Members are requested to Call (904) 365-8005 (leave a message w/name, # of people attending). Club Secretary will confirm. The $13 per person fee can be placed in an envelope and placed in the lockbox at the range. You can also send an email to with your member name and # of attendees. Please put NFA Christmas Party in the subject or body. More details will be published on the website soon. The date is rapidly approaching!
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams