North Florida Archers meeting minutes
    Aug 9, 2017

    Meeting was called to order by Will Clifford. This was an informal meeting which was rescheduled from the original date.
    Don Williams read the minutes from the July 5, 2017 club meeting, accepted as read by membership.
    Will indicated a big thanks to all members who helped setup for the Extreme Shoot. It was greatly appreciated.
    ·         Will recommended we also look at ordering Bale Supplies for the upcoming January Work Day / 2018.
    Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report.
    ·         We had 7 new members and 4 renewals during the month of July.
    ·         The campaign for the 3d Lion Target was successful and the target was purchased – it was used during the August Extreme Shoot along with other recently acquired targets.
    ·         The border fence project and replacement targets for the broadhead range were funded.
    ·         The Monthly and Weekly shoots continue to have good participation and revenue.
    Charlie Nelson gave some updates:
    ·         The Thank You Letter from the Deputy Chief of Staff will be provided with a copy to the City of Jacksonville regarding the success of and our Club participation in the Wounded Warrior/Safe Harbor Exhibition Shoot remains pending.
    ·         The summer school archery project is closed for 2017.
    ·         Charlie completed the Club By-Laws review with verification against “Club Rules Update” documents and new/renewing member rules refresher/information packets. New documents will phased in beginning in August.
    o        Club By-Laws Updates include restrictions for “prohibited items on club property” i.e. Crossbows and “Tenure Restrictions” for your elected Club Officers.
    o        Specified 1 year terms and Consecutive Term limits by category.
    o        Club President Re-election restrictions.
    ·         Charlie will change the combination lock on the Green Shed and notify Club Officers with limited distribution.
    ·         Red Mower is in the shop estimate 3-6 weeks for analysis/repair.
    The President’s ongoing topics include;
    o        The December Monthly meeting will take a forward look into 2018 and how we can improve the club membership, our shoots, target acquisition and more. Plan to attend and bring your ideas!
    o        It was suggested to have both Traditional and Compound Bow for all raffles.
    o        Property Lease Renewal remains pending – work in progress.
    o        Boundary Fence is mostly complete – will require another work day effort.
    o        2nd Annual Ethical 3D Shoot – 25 targets - is slated for October 8
    o        Planning Meeting for the Ethical Shoot is slated for 9/27/2017 (Wed @ 6pm at the Club). 

 Ongoing items include:

    o        Pedestrian Swing Gate next to the tractor gate for the back ranges, TBD.
    There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  


    Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams