North Florida Archers meeting minutes
July 11, 2012

The Treasurers report was read by Mr. Laughlin and accepted by the members.

The minutes from the June 2012 meeting were read by Mr. Clifford and accepted by the members.

Old Business

During the June meeting the members agreed to have a youth mow the NFA grounds on a trial basis. The lawn was not mowed and the trial was considered a failure. During the June meeting Mr. Laudermilk stated that he had a lawn care person willing to mow the NFA grounds for $75.00 per month. Mr. Nelson asked Mr. Laudermilk if the person was still willing to mow the grounds. Mr. laudermilk said that he would check and get back to the members. Mr. Mackley made a motion to authorize $75.00 per month be made available to pay the person identified by Mr. Laudermilk or anyone else to mow the grounds. The motion was seconded by Mr. Laudermilk and approved by the members present.

Repairs to the road were discussed. Repairs are necessary from the entry gate to the tree line. Mr. Nelson said that he has contacted a contractor to get a proposal for the repairs but had heard nothing back yet. Mr. Laudermilk pointed out that repairs should include filling in the low spots adjacent to the picnic area. Mr. Gutry said that he would check out the feasibility and cost of a sweeper to clean off the old road surface prior to repairs.

Fence repairs were brought up by the members. A contractor has been contacted but no further information was available.

New Business

FWC Bowhunter Education representative Mr. Steven Robbins discussed holding bowhunter education classed at NFA. Mr. Robbins stated that FWC would supply the instructors as well as equipment such as 3D targets, tree stands etc. Mr. Gutry asked Mr. Robbins if they had their own insurance. Mr. Robbins responded that they are insured and all instructors have had background checks. Mr. Nelson asked if Hunter safety coursed could also be taught at NFA and Mr. Robbins responded that they could. Mr. Laudermilk made a motion to accept Mr. Robbins offer to teach Bowhunter Education classed at NFA, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion and the members present approved.

Mr. Nelson volunteered to write an article in the NAS Jax base newspaper to publicise the classes.

Mr. Laudermilk brought up the subject of new compressed targets to replace the current targets used on the target range. He described the targets construction and their benefits. Mr. Nelson made a motion to purchase 10 of these targets on a trial basis. Mr. Mackley seconded the motion. The motion was accepted by the members present.

The club Christmas party will be held at Club Continental on 20 December 2012. Mr. Nelson will inquire about costs based on an estimated number of attendees. Based on the response the price of the dinner will be determined by the club officers and members.

Mr. Laudermilk has arranged catering for the Extreme Shoot to be held August 5 2012.

The caterer will supply chicken for lunch. There will be no fee for club members, non members will be charged $5.00. One free drink will be provided with each meal.

The members agreed that 30 targets will be placed for the Extreme Shoot. Also there will be three stakes placed at each target one each for youth, traditional and all other shooters.

Mr. Laudermilk brought up the need to clean up the walking range. He suggested members volunteer to help out with the clean up.


The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Laudermilk.






recorded by Will Clifford