North Florida Archers meeting minutes
July 7, 2020

The Club Meeting was called to order by Club President, Mike Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the First Responders and Men and Women serving our country at home and abroad.

The Club Secretary read the minutes from the last Club Meeting.

The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity June 2020.

  • Checking and Savings balances are sound: usual and customary expenses related to club operations.
    • 2 targets were purchased, The Tapir and Howling Wolf.
    • These are new on the ASA lineup for 2020 competitive shoots and will be active for the July Club Shoots.
  • Extra expenses have been minimized due to Covid-19. Our "extra account" was converted to handling of online membership payments with the new online payment system.
    • Is actively being used by members!

Club President Michael Chesser had the following talking points.

  • Monthly shoot activities have resumed.
  • Looking at adding an additional 8 Delta McKenzie units in support of our compound shoots.
  • Will have Butch look at core replacement for existing Delta Targets where it makes sense.
  • TBOF has cancelled their Fall Championship.
  • NFA will host our First Annual, North Fl Archers Traditional Fall Championship.
    • Qualifying Rounds start at Noon Friday July 31 thru Saturday August 1.
    • Championship Round set for Sunday AM (20 targets).
    • The following classes are in play for this Championship.
      • Men & Women Recurve
      • Men & Women Longbow - Wood Arrows, Any Nock - Men & Women
      • Men & Women Primitive - Self nocked, wood arrows.
      • Men & Women Barebow
      • Youth in call classes aged (12 -17)
      • Cub in all classes aged (11 and under)
    • Fees: $20 for First Round, $15 for each additional round. Shooters may compete in all classes however you need to pick your best bow for the Sunday Championship Round (1 bow only).
    • Field Archery and Compound Update: Mike Shea and Robert Keaton
      • Looking at dates for potential Compound Madness or Championship.
      • Looking at dates for potential Animal Round on the Field Course.
      • Updates to be provided at August Meeting.
    • Follow-up items:
      • Ongoing revenue discussions have resumed, send us your ideas!
      • Still looking for other revenue options.
      • Mike Shea, Wounded Warrior in August. Date/times TBD.
      • Mike Chesser, ASA Membership Application Update.

    General Reminders for the Following;

    • Found & Lost items should be called in Robert Keaton, his number is posted on Club Homepage.
    • Compound and Traditional Shoots will be split into different days in 2020 except for August 16 Extreme Shoot and the December 5 ethical shoot,
    • December 20, 2020 is the NFA Christmas Part
    • Reminder to ALL: The LAST ONE OUT at any time during the day - LOCKS THE GATE!!!

    There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


    Don Williams



    Recorded by Don Williams