North Florida Archers meeting minutes
July 05, 2022

-Summary of previous club meeting presented by Butch- Voted and accepted.

-It was determined the sample foam set in the 20 yard bale was not worth money

-Materials/building supplies list for walk-back tuning target agreed upon. Justin to order materials (approx. $600).

-Electric gate bids ongoing. Butch expecting one additional quote. So far looking at approx. 10k$

-Club Property (Parks)-New contract written, to be signed by Club Pres.-NO issues, just waiting on bureaucracy. Contract will be 3 yr term w/ 2X renewal options for 9 year total.

- Deb reads Financial report-voted on and accepted

-Jeremy suggestion for faux-security cameras for additional deterrence. Additional input that security gate must have a manual operation mode to account for maintenance and mechanical issues.


recorded by Jacob Connally



Recorded by Jacob Connally