North Florida Archers meeting minutes
July 1, 2015

Meeting was conducted at the range enclosure vs the storage building picnic area,and with a shortage of attendee's, but all went well and meeting was conducted without fanfare.

 Previous monthly minutes were read by Mr. Nelson. With little conversation regarding the minute contents, with the exception of posted/ stay out signs cost  Mr. Laudermilk was to obtain. Mr. Laudermilk said he had forgotten to get them, but it would be on his first to do list this coming week. Minutes fro previous month was accepted as read.

Treasure report was presented by Mrs. Lesa Wilford. Mrs. Wilford indicated all was going swell ,and during this last time period she had added 19 additional members to the club. At the conclusion of report all attendee's agreed to accept report as presented.

Club President Mr. Laudermilk opened the conservation regarding Tom Swift and his service this past weekend. He stated that it was very well attended by not only club members, but all kinds of persons he was acquainted with during his life. NFA obtained flowers and a plaque to be given to his wife. Upon receiving these items Mrs. Swift sent NFA a very nice thank you card.

New Business opened with a discussion regarding Bow's expected to be obtained prior to the extreme shoot for the purpose of raffling them. Mr. Nelson said he would get a bow from Green Acre's and Mr. Mike Cieslinski would attempt to get one from Bear Archery.

Mr. Nelson said he would wait until Mike got his Bow, and then he would get one from Jack. If Mike gets a Compound then Charlie will get a Stick Bow from Jack. At this writing, both a Stick Bow and a Compound have been obtained and are ready for raffling to commence.

Club President stated he was going to put T Shirts previously ordered by members on order in the next few days. Next topic discussed were the need for Club Decal Stickers. Topic concern was how many to order. No final decisions was made in regards as to how many decals were to be placed on order.

Next topic for discussion was the cost for each dinner at the Club Continental. Recommendations were made to increase the cost from last year, Which was $13 per plate. Mr. Nelson said the cost has already been stated this year to all members. If the Club wants to increase the cost,  then it needs to do so for next year, as the cost for this year has been set.

Mr. Laudermilk said the cost for target material is expected to be approx $6000 this coming year, and the need for additional range targets needs to be considered as well. He further concluded that this coming year is not going to be cheap for NFA.

With no further discussions the meeting came to a close.


Recorded by Charlie Nelson