North Florida Archers meeting minutes
June 7, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and a moment of silence was observed for our men and women serving at home and abroad.
Don Williams read the minutes from the 5/1 club meeting. Accepted as read by membership.
Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report.
o       All Insurance Coverage approved by City of Jacksonville has been paid.
o       Over $750 in membership renewals were processed during May.
Charlie Nelson gave some updates:
o       The Thank You Letter from the Deputy Chief of Staff will be provided with a copy to the City of Jacksonville regarding the success of and our Club participation in the Wounded Warrior/Safe Harbor Exhibition Shoot is still pending.
o       The summer school archery project remains outstanding. Charlie has reached out to the Teachers for some specific details which remain pending at this time.
o       Charlie has initiated a review process for the Club By-Laws with a vote scheduled for the July Meeting – Please attend to hear the details and to get your voice heard. Updates discussed at the meeting include, “prohibited items on club property” and “Tenure Restrictions” for your elected Club Officers.
§         Specified 1 year terms by category
§         Consecutive Term limits by category
§         Club President Re-election restrictions.
o       The Target Preservation initiative has been rolled into the Rules of the Range project that the Secretary has in progress.
§         The preliminary discussion resulted in a request that members limit themselves to shooting no more than 2 arrows per target on the walk around ranges in an effort to prolong target life.
§         This was posted on FB and the web site.
Michael Chesser updated the club on several ongoing topics;
o       Thanks for the Support! Michael offered words to thanks to ALL members who give of their time and effort working on setup for various shoots. It’s been a fun year so far!
o       13 Targets were purchased thru a special offer. We saw a portion of those targets during the June Monthly Shoot and the full set will be deployed for the Extreme Shoot coming up in August.
o       All insurance has been paid and the Certificate of Insurance(s) have been filed with the City of Jacksonville.
o       Property Lease Renewal remains pending - stay tuned.
o       Workday scheduled for July 15 for the Boundary Fence project. We need some help so come on out and support your club!
o       Trash disposal contract and process is under review – stay tuned.
o       The handicapped signage has been posted.
o       August Extreme Shoot – 30 targets – We are taking ideas for special shots, let us know and maybe we can work them into the shoot.
o       2nd Annual Ethical 3D Shoot is slated for October 8.
Ongoing items include:
o       Pedestrian Swing Gate next to the tractor gate for the back ranges
o       Rules of the Range Project
o       Boundary Fence
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams