North Florida Archers meeting minutes
June 6, 2012

Mr. John Gutry opened the meeting with a pledge to the flag, and a silent prayer for our serving military.

Mr. Nelson, standing in for Mr. Laughton presented the monthly treasureís report. The report was accepted as read.

Minutes  from previous meeting wasnít available, but old business comments were brought up for discussion. First item was the need for road improvement. Mr. Gutry said he has discussed the need to Mr. Laughton, and the need will be shortly resolved.  Mr. Nelson said it has been one year in discussion, and the road is in an awful condition. Mr. Nelson said we need to put priority on correcting the horrible state of this problem.

Due to the absence of club secretary, Mr. Nelson said he would take the minutes for tonightís discussions.

Mr. Gutry said he has been president for four and a half years and the by-laws state he can only hold any officer position for a total of four years. Mr. Gutry asked the club to accept his resignation. Club responded with agreement, but all thanked Mr. Gutry for his leadership and service to the members and NFA.

Mr. Nelson stated that it is required by club by-laws we open the floor for elections of a new president. Mr. Nelson further stated it would be bad for the club if we take another officer in a key position and vote him in as president. This would open another position to be filled. Mr.  Nelson further stated that this position is for 6 months and then we have open elections for all positions. Keep in mind all officers are limited to four years in any position.

Mr. Nelson stated he isnít an officer of the club, but the COB, therefore he can nominate persons to fill a position. If they accept the nomination and the members approved with a yea vote that person can assume the position. With that Mr. Nelson asked Mr. Laudermilk if he would accept the nomination for president. Mr. Laudermilk accepted, Nomination was seconded by MR. Ben Butler. All members present voted yea.

Mr. Nelson asked Mr. Gutry if he would accept the nomination of VP. MR. Gutry said he would. Mr. Dan Makley seconded the nomination. All members voted yea on the nomination. Mr. Gutry can only serve 6 months due to term limits of officers, as he has previously served as VP for three and a half years.

As president, Mr. Laudermilk took control of the meeting. His first comments were related to mowing of the NFA grounds. Mr. Laudermilk said he has talked to a lawn care person and got a commitment for mowing our grounds two times a month for $75. Mr. Nelson said we have previously approved using a youth for $20 each cut, or $40 per month. The club accepted a youth present to cut the grass on as trial basis. If this doesnít work, then we will use the other person recommended by the president.

Mr. Laudermilk asked Mr. Makley how things were going with the Club Facebook usage and control. Mr. Makley stated things were okay, but not much usage at this point. Mr. Laudermilk stated he wants passwords applied to the control of Facebook usage. Mr. Makley agreed to apply same.

Mr. Laudermilk said he is getting new shirts made for club members. He then showed the shirt proposed, and offered a form for all attendees to fill out if they wanted a shirt. Those persons desiring a club shirt are to contact the president or Mr. Nelson.

Discussion of the stolen Gator from club properties was a hot topic of discussion. Mr. Butler said he was really upset and was offering a $100 reward for the recovery of same. Some confusion of where the gator was at when it was taken. Mr. Nelson said he was asked by two different members when were we going to pick up the Gator from the range? Mr. Gutry said he had removed one gator and placed it in the green storage building. It appears as if that was Allan Sparksman Gator. This appears as if it is like all other targets stolen from NFA. Where oh where have they gone?

With no further discussion the meeting was closed by the president.


Recorded by C. Nelson