North Florida Archers meeting minutes
June 3, 2015

Mr. Billy Laudermilk  opened the meeting requesting all attendees please say a silent prayer for all Military personnel  serving abroad and within the U.S.A. . Then all attendee's were asked to pay tribute to the flag of the USA by repeating the pledge.

Due to Mr. Nelson not being present, May minutes were not available to be discussed. Mr. Laudermilk then asked Mrs. Lesa Clifford to please read the Treasury report. Mrs. Clifford complied with the report. After completing the report, all attendee's agreed to accept the report as read.

Mr. Laudermilk discussed the Tuesday night shoot and the monthly shoot. All is going well with the Tuesday working man's tournament, but their is a need for additional help for the monthly shoots. All members are encouraged to help the club in it's endeavors, as this the only way we have of keeping our door's open.

The passing away of Tom Swift was discussed and information concerning his funeral and memorial for Tom was given to all by the President of NFA. Mr. Nelson has procured a Plaque for the family of Mr. Swift. Signatures by all members of NFA will be applied to the plaque and then given to the the family. Mr Laudermilk then offered another tribute to Tom by recommending that the Traditional Rendezvous be named  the "Tom Swift Rendezvous". This offer was accepted and all members offered a yea vote.

Billy stated that he will purchase 3 more Tournament Targets with the approval of attendee's, and more of the Rienhart targets for the walking range. Billy said he had in his mind that 5 Additional Rienhart targets will suffice.  All members present agreed and voted in favor of action..

Mike C. volunteered to ask Bear Archery for a contribution of a Bow for the  Extreme Shoot  All members were in favor of Mike obtaining a Bow if possible. Mr. Nelson had previously committed to asking Green Acres for a contribution as well.

Mike asked about signs to warn people walking in from the Park. Billy will research prices for signs and provide at the next meeting.

With no further debate, meeting was adjourned. 



Recorded by Wil Clifford