North Florida Archers meeting minutes
June 01, 2021

Meeting was called to order by club President Butch White @ 7:15pm. Pledge and a moment of silence for military and 1st responders was observed.

Minutes from Previous meeting (May) was read by Treasurer Deb Allen – approved and accepted as amended (edit J.P.)

Treasurer's report was read by Treasurer Deb Allen – approved and accepted.

Butch discussed briefly that were several events being planned which would add revenue for the year.

The ASA tournament held was a huge success, course was well set up – orchestrated by Mike Shea and volunteers,

Mike Shea gave A BIG THANKS goes out to ALL that helped make this event such a SUCCESS!! It was a lot of preparation over the past 4 years but paid off. He gave a breakdown of the finances for the day – there were 78 shooters that participated. ASA received $255.00 for having the shoot and NFA profited $800.00 for the day.

Butch then discussed upcoming work ay 6/5 @ 8am.  volunteers are needed, bring small lawn maintenace equipment if possible. Groups will be working on the bales and walk around for minor repairs. Broadhead range will be brought up to standard – clean, trim and make targets better. 

Discussion was made to for running a 220 outlet on the back side of the building for vendors. In addition, running a wire to the bale overhang area for fans to be installed.

Intro to Archery Class will be 6/6 from 12:30 pm to 2 pm - $25.00 per person entry fee – Plans are to hold classes quarterly. Classes are for the basics of Traditional and Compound bows. The club purchased (4) traditional training bows (3 right-hand – 1 left-hand), (4) dozen arrows, tabs and arm guards to be used during the classes.

Suggested that the Trad and compound championships be changed because of hunting season:

Traditional Championship – July 10-11

Compound Championship – Aug 7-8

These would take the place of the monthly shoots for July and August – motion was made to vote and second – members present voted on the July August change – motion carried.

The Extreme shoot that was in August was cancelled – new date to be determined later.

Targets for Trad Range – The Backyard bear may need to be replaced – discussion to purchase 1 or 2 more targets – a Turkey for 1 – not sure on the other one.

Final order of business 2 Deer targets for the broadhead range were purchased. 

Motion was put before the officers and members for new business – there wasn’t any.

Motion made to adjourn the meeting – seconded - Meeting adjourned @ 8:30pm.


Recorded by Debra Allen