North Florida Archers meeting minutes
May 04, 2020

The Club Meeting was called to order by Club President, Mike Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country at home and abroad.

The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity.

  • Checking and Savings balances are sound: usual and customary expenses related to club operations.

Extra expenses are on hold for now due to loss of Monthly Shoot revenue due to shutdown caused by Covid-19.

Club President Michael Chesser had the following talking points.

  • All Club Shoots remain shutdown.
  • When released by City of Jacksonville to resume standard activities, we will resume:
    • Tuesday Working Man Shoots
    • Monthly Shoots for Traditional and Compound Archers
    • Reschedule the Tom Swift Traditional Rendezvous ASAP

Hopefully by July due to FL HEAT!

  • Efforts are underway to build out a new Club Roster. Debbie has been working with Mike C.
  • Mike C. is to work with Jim Parsons to get Paypal setup for our Website for online payments of Dues and Target Fund Contributions.

Butch White brought up the following Motions which were approved by membership for 30 day review and vote at the next meeting (estimated to be in June, date will be confirmed via Facebook and Web Portal).

    1. Club Bylaw Change to Article 4, section of the Club President to remove the 12 month restriction after 4 terms to enable he/she to hold a subsequent elected position. Wording would be changed as follows:
      1. Club President can serve in that elected role for up to 4 consecutive terms; when completed, he/she may run for election of any position not currently held.
    2. Club Bylaw Change to Article 4, section 7.a Board of Directors to set the number of Board Members to 10, plus the Chairman of the Board.
      1. Board of Directors shall consist of a representative body of active members with a maximum count of 10 board members. Active members are members who are present at the club for various club events and have ongoing participation in club activities including but not limited to special work days, Tuesday Working Man Shoots, Monthly Shoots, special events, monthly club meetings.

These Bylaw Updates will be discussed and voted on at the next monthly meeting. By Law changes go into effect in February 2021.

  • Ongoing revenue discussions have been tabled for now until normal activities resume.
    • Adding Summer Coon Shoots
    • Spot Tourney at the bales
    • Other Ideas needed
    • Target Fund Contributors of a minimum $50 get placed on Board.
  • Field Archery update - Mike Shea
    • Target the Animal Course for Validation by NFAA and host Animal Round Shoot in 2020!

General Reminders for the Following;

  • NFA Tom Swift Rendezvous date to be determined.
  • Compound and Traditional Shoots will be split into different days in 2020 - schedule on hold.
  • Shooter of the Year Changes for 2020 - $10 Fee to help defray costs - sign up in January.
  • December 20, 2020 is the NFA Christmas Party
    • Reminder to ALL: The LAST ONE OUT at any time during the day - LOCKS THE GATE!!!

There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams