North Florida Archers meeting minutes
May 4, 2016


Billy Loudermilk, Will Clifford, Michael Chesser and Jim Parsons

Next meeting:

June 1st 2016 18:00

I.         Announcements

Meeting was called to order by Billy Loudermilk. The minutes from the previous meeting were read by Mike Chesser and were accepted as given by the membership present. The treasurers report was given by Will Clifford and was accepted as read by the membership present.

II.       Discussion

Shooter of the year plaques are in place. Existing plaques that the club has will be used. The order of club hats was discussed and Billy will order as soon as he can. Charlie placed the new sign for the kids range. Charlie discussed the presence of non-members shooting at the club. Several people have observed non-members on the range. Rules were discussed about enforcing the wearing of membership cards at all times. Further recommendations will be discussed. Charlie discussed the upcoming ByLaw changes. The position of Webmaster will be added with no term limit and the requirement of a local charity to receive remaining funds from NFA in the event that the club is dissolved. Proposed Changes will be presented at the next meeting for a vote. The long shot at the Tuesday shoot was discussed. Any arrow inside of the scoring ring will trump any arrow outside of it. All arrows inside of the scoring ring will be measured and the closest to the center 10 will be the winner. If no arrow is in the scoring ring, the closest to the center 10 ring will be the winner.

There Being no further discussion, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Chesser.



Recorded by Michael Chesser