North Florida Archers meeting minutes
May 03, 2022

The regular monthly club meeting of North Florida Archers was called to order at 7:20pm by Butch White, Club President

    2. The minutes for the previous meeting were reviewed by Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary and accepted.

    4. The Treasurerís report was reviewed by Debbie Allen, Club Treasurer and accepted.


Traditional Rendezvous was a success. There were 92 paid shooters.

There will be an ASA Qualifier held at the club on May 14th. Mike Shea will be overseeing the set up and the food.

The club monthly shoot will be held on May 21st-22nd.

After the monthly Compound shoot on May 22nd there will be an introduction to Archery class held starting at 1:30 pm.

Butch spoke w/Brian at the City of Jax and will be sending the clubís proof of insurance paperwork this week. There has been no final word on the bid proposal yet. Brian told Butch he will check the status and let him know.

The installation of an electric gate at the club has been put on hold until the bid has been finalized and all club yearly expenses are paid up.

The purchase of the mosquito pack has proven to be a great investment. The mosquito population has been greatly diminished at the club.


The walk back tuning bale needs to be replaced. The estimated cost will $500-$600. This bale should be used for tuning bows ONLY. The foam used will be replaceable and a sample to test will be purchased before buying the bale. Butch made a motion to purchase the tuning bale. Motion voted on and passed.

The club is at a total of 580 members currently. The newly implemented new member orientation has been going well.

Butch made a motion to purchase a new zero turn mower for the club. The cost will be approximately $3,000 with a 3 year warranty. The club has not purchased a mower in quite some time. It is not sustainable or cost-effective for the club to continue to repair the old mower. Also, the time that it takes to mow the club property can be greatly reduced with the purchase of a new mover. The motion to purchase a new mower was voted on and passed.

Discussion is ongoing that during large events we have very little participation from club members to help set up and take down. We need incentives to encourage member participation.


Mike Chesser suggested the lighting under the pavilion be replaced with LED fixtures. It was agreed upon that this would be an upcoming expense once all yearly club expenses are satisfied.

Jerry Morales made the suggestion that the club ask for members to donate items to the club. For example: cups, plates, and office supplies.

Jacob Connolly brought up the topic of incentives for encouraging member participation. He feels that a non-compulsory option would be the best choice.

Jacob Connolly made a suggestion that the club should create a laminated map of the layout of the club and post on the club property. This would be usual for new members and all club shoots.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 7:55 pm and carried.

Meetings minutes completed by: Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary







Recorded by Debbie Lowe