North Florida Archers meeting minutes
May 2, 2018

The Club Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country.
The Club Secretary, Don Williams was absent and prior meeting minutes were read by Mike Chessor. Minutes were taken by Debbie Lowe.
The Club Treasurer provided a detailed summary of Club Activity for the month of April
        We had 25 new members join our Club.
        The Monthly Shoot showed good profit over expenses.
        The Trad Shoot did not produce as much income as last year in spite of less Club Expense.
        Lesa also reported that some Members have not paid their dues.
Michael Chesser turned over the floor to Billy Loudermilk/ Club Chairman of the Board.
        The search continues for a certified instructor to lead youth instruction efforts which are currently suspended by membership vote.
        Issue remains pending.
Michael Chesser Talking Points:
        Michael indicated  that Club Liability Insurance has been paid.
        Accidental and Liability were combined which saved $150/year.
        This puts the Club in good shape financially for the remainder of the year.
        Michael also wants to put some funding to Club Infrastructure and more targets.
        Traditional Rendezvous Report
   Lower club cost with time and food donations by Membership. Thanks to Billy, Janice and others who provided food and time.
   Feedback on shoot was mostly positive; participants felt that the Championship Course was too difficult which discouraged people from shooting in multiple events like Iron Man & Tom Swift Challenge.
   Next year, letís remember that the main objective of the Trad Rendezvous is to make money for the club. Letís find a good balance and make it competitive but not so difficult to discourage participation.
        Janice noted that maybe we should look at increasing the shooter fees for those events.
        Michael indicated that our Chairman will oversee the non-payment letters the delinquent members.
        The May Shoot was on Mothers Day - Not optimal but there were several non-local shoots during May
   and that was the only weekend available.
Michael opened the floor to discussion regarding the Wood Arrows for Longbow Restriction.
        Sheldon: bad idea, believes wood arrow rule will continue to drive participation down and thought it unfair to include longbow shooters in Recurve Class.
        Cox: feels like the longbow Class should be distinguished and separate from other Classes.
        Clifford: Bow and Arrow restrictions will cause less participation.
        Chessor: There is less distinction between some longbows and recurves with modern technology. Wood arrows can be costly and are easily broken. Both side of the argument are understandable.
        Crouse: is there any skill advantage?
        Farhat: Can we split arrow classes - wood / carbon - any bow?
        L Clifford: felt there are not enough shooters to split classes.
        Makely/Parsons?: felt if carbons are allowed, just do away with longbow Class.
The motion for Wood Only / For Longbow Class had 6 Ayes and 4 Nays. The motion passed with no exceptions for any shoots.
A motion was made to Allow Carbon for Longbow Class at the Trad Rendezvous. This motion passed w/member support.
A motion was made to eliminate Longbow Class from Monthly Shoots - motion was 2ndíd but not passed with member support.
A motion was made to change the Trad Rendezvous to Wood Only for Longbow.
1st Vote: 5 Aye and 5 Nay -
2nd Vote: 6 Aye and 4 Nay - motion was passed to change Wood Arrow Only for Longbow at the Trad Rendezvous. Monthly Club Shoots have no arrow/class restrictions.
Michael requested some member to join the IBO so that we can report to IBO our participation to kick off our IBO affiliation.
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams