North Florida Archers meeting minutes
May 01, 2019

The Club Meeting was called to order by Club VP, Bob Keaton. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women and First Responders serving our country at home and abroad.

Minutes were read in summary from the last meeting by the Club Secretary and they were accepted by membership.

The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity for April 2019.

  • Club expenses were usual and customary with a note that Insurance has been paid for the year.
  • The Club had 20 new memberships including 9 Family and 12 renewals during March.
  • Checking and Savings balances are looking good.
  • Sponsorships have been very good with positive cash flow into the Club Target Fund with 2 new sponsors for March; Tom Rowan Archery and The Southern Sportsman Outlet. John has others in que.

Club President Michael Chesser joined remotely via phone conference and had the following talking points.

  • Chairman of the Board - Billy Loudermilk - Not Present - no issues noted by Club President.
  • Education update: Archery Education Program for Youth targeted to begin in May
    • 1 Saturday per month
    • $25 per lesson
    • Max of 5 kids at a time
    • Funds go directly to Target Fund
  • A Motion to change the Monthly Meeting was voted on and passed. It needs to be posted for 30 days and voted on next month.
    • Article VII, section A reads:
      • A. Monthly meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month.
    • The proposed update would read:
      • A. Monthly meetings are generally scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. For the months where the Tuesday Working Man Shoot Schedule is ACTIVE, the Monthly Club Meeting will be moved to the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm, immediately following the Working Man Shoot. All club meeting dates are listed on the Club Event Calendar located on the Club Website.
  • Range Report with Butch indicated several works in progress, refurbishment of existing tree/cadillac stands and project to apply seal/protectant. Butch also indicated a desire to extend the Working Man Shoot Schedule thru the Fall Time Change which is under review.
  • Club Direction
    • Mike asked about thoughts comments about direction of the club and offered a post rendezvous assessment.
      • In 2018, the majority of commentary was very critical of the TS Rendezvous. The course was very difficult and not shooter friendly.
      • In 2019, the majority of commentary said it was "Over the Top" and very complementary of the course layout as being family friendly and everyone like the updated facilities.
        • Mike offered thanks to all who played a part in setup/preparation such as Butch, Gene, Jim, Steve and the many more who participated.
  • Club Direction continued...
      • Improvements for next year include Scorecard handling: shooter identification, class being shot and where shooter cards will be placed when rounds are complete to prepare for scoring and class awards, potentially filling out cards for shooters to ensure names can be read, etc…
  • Mike indicated he has submitted a proposal for NFA to host the Rinehart 100.
    • This would be a very big deal.
    • No projected timeframe for approval or estimated shoot date.
    • Maximum Effort event by membership.
    • Will advise membership when he gets feedback on application.
  • Monthly Shoots are under review for separation of Compound and Traditional Archers into separate days.
    • Discussions are ongoing.
    • Compound Archer participation has increased for Monthly and weekly events.
  • Next big Goal is to obtain a conex trailer to house targets,etc…
  • IBO shoot status remains pending at the present time.
  • TAS Shoot is on target for 2020, dates pending.

Club Reminders and Follow/up Items:

  • Sponsorship Director is Dr. John Morris - he should be the first point contact anyone should reach out to when they have someone wishing to become a sponsor.
  • The LAST ONE OUT at any time during the day - LOCKS THE GATE!!!


There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams