North Florida Archers meeting minutes
April 6, 2021

The regular monthly club meeting of North Florida Archers was called to order at 7:23 PM on April 6, 2021 by Butch White, Club President

    2. The minutes for the previous meeting were reviewed by Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary and approved.

    4. The Treasurerís report was reviewed by Debbie Allen, Club Treasurer and approved. Debbie reported that there has been a huge increase in club memberships this month.


Chairman of the Board, Mike Chesser advised that the Sexual Abuse Policy has been completed and submitted to the insurance company for approval. Once the policy is reviewed and approved by the insurance company, all Club Officers will be required to sign an acknowledgment form and take an online sexual abuse class. Upon approval by the insurance company, the policy will also be included in the new membership packets. New Club Officers who have not completed a background check need to do so ASAP. Background checks will need to be completed by all Club Officers every 2 years. Mike advised that a Mandatory Board Meeting will be scheduled around the 2nd week of June.

Range Officer, Justin Connally had no new updates or issues.

Vice President, Mike Shea discussed the repairs for the walk-around range targets. 17 new cores have been ordered for the targets. Mike is requesting that in addition to the new cores that the club purchase 2 new Delta Mackenzie targets to add to the existing ASA scorable targets. That will allow the club to have 25 new ASA scorable targets. He would like to purchase the Turkey and the Lynx. The cost for both new targets will be $625.00 along with the cost of the new cores will bring the grand total to $935.00. The funds will come from the Club Target Fund. Investment in targets is needed to promote the Club and generate additional funds. A motion was made to allocate the funds. The motion was voted on and passed.

Butch White discussed that he continues to work with the City of Jax to have mosquito control measures taken at the Club. The City will be sending trucks in a couple weeks to spray and treat standing water inside Club property. In the near future, the City will be conducting aerial spraying as well.

Plans for the upcoming Traditional Rendezvous which will be held on April 16th-18th:

    • Club Member, Carolyn Faunce has developed a program to help keep track of registration and scores. She will be here next week to set up this program.
    • The Club will purchase 50 inch TV this week to use for displaying names of shooters and individual scores.
    • The Club will purchase WIFI boosters to improve WIFI signal at the Club.
    • Walk around ranges will close on Wednesday, April 14th and remain closed until Sunday, April 18th at 5:00 pm.
    • Volunteers are needed to help with registration, set up of targets and other task. There is a sign-up sheet available for volunteers.
    • Rendezvous Shoot flyer needs updating to include the new scoring method (5,10,X). The Tom Swift Challenge and the Iron Man Challenge will keep the old scoring method (5,10,8,X)

The Club monthly shoots will be held on April 24th and 25th.

ASA Qualifier will be held on May 29th. Mike Shea advised that the range and stake set up needs to be complete by Thursday before the shoot. On Friday before the shoot all targets will be set up. There will be misting stations and tents available the day of the shoot. Parking will be coordinated by Club volunteers. All Club Members will be asked to park in a designated area. Food Service will be decided on in the near future. Mike Shea will be coordinating the process for assigning lanes and signing of class sheets and waivers.



No additional topics were discussed.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 8:10 and carried.

Meetings minutes completed by: Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary



Recorded by Debbie Lowe