North Florida Archers meeting minutes
April 5, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and a moment of silence was observed for our men and women serving at home and abroad.
·        Don Williams read the minutes from the 3/1 club meeting. Accepted as read by membership.
·        Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report which included various updates on Liability & Accident Insurance as well as brief discussion on Lease Contract with City of Jax.
o       Michael noted that Lease should be wrapped up in the next couple of months.
Michael Chesser updated the club on several ongoing topics;
·        Tuesdays – Working Man Shoots: Events are more heavily promoted on social media and it seems to be helping with turnout which has been very good! 
·        Monthly 3D Shoots are also more heavily promoted and turnout continues to increase each month.
·        Michael extended appreciation to membership efforts towards club improvement which includes:
o       Shoot setups
o       Trail clearing
o       Equipment maintenance
o       Member Safety/Fences/Stand maintenance
·        Trespassing reports have diminished. Be alert and vigilant.
o       As always, IF members encounter any non-club members on property and they are resistant to leaving when asked by a member, Contact the Police to have them “escorted off premises”.
·        The Wounded Warrior Archery Event was a great success. A motion was made to honor Andre and Chip with Honorary Membership as Club Ambassadors. Membership voted 100% Affirmative!
o       Club will look at adding a Handicapped Parking Sign where appropriate.
Traditional Rendezvous 
·        The TRAD work day on Saturday March 25 had good turnout
·        Work for the shoot remains ongoing and includes
o       Painting water stands
o       Fuel for grass maintenance
o        5 spot targets for the target bales.
o       Mike C. working on the moving targets
o       Allen S. had the main food item ready for the event.
·        Sunday 1pm is turn in time for all competitions
·        Bow and General Item raffles
·        The Tom Swift Challenge is the last 15 targets of the 40 target course – starts Fri at 4pm.
·        The Iron Man Challenge Stakes are on the first 10 targets – starts Fri at 4pm.
·        Coon Shoot starts Friday Night with 2nd round on Saturday Night.
·        Zombie Long Shot and Aerial Target Shooting in the bale area at selected times during the weekend.
·        All ranges Closed to Compound Shooters until Monday Morning.
·        After the Rendezvous membership will discuss adding a swing gate at the pedestrian entry along the main road to prevent bikers from accessing the back part of the club when the tractor gate is closed.
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams