North Florida Archers meeting minutes
April March 04, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 6PM by Bill Laudermilk.

The treasures report was read by Charles Laughlin. A motion to accept the report as read was made by Charles Nelson and seconded by Bill Laudermilk.  The report was accepted as read.

Old Business

Ticket holders for the bow raffle to be held at the last shoot of the year do not have to be present to win.

Mr. Charles Laughlin stated that an additional Porta-Pottie will be delivered on 12 April for the Traditional Shoot.

Dan Makley stated that a Traditional Bow has been donated by the  Bear Archery Company and will be raffled off during the Traditional Shoot.

The Tuesday night shoots started in March.

Bill Laudermilk stated that Mr. John Guttry has obtained a sample of the proposed new style target bags. The new bag  will be stuffed and tested during the upcoming Traditional shoot.

New Business

Mr. Charles Nelson discussed his recent review of the Club By-Laws.  Mr. Bill Laudermilk made a motion to accept the By-Laws as presented to the members in attendance.  Mr. Charles Nelson seconded the motion; the By-Laws were accepted by the members.


recorded by Will Clifford








A The club shall be known as “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS’ and is located at Yukon Florida in an area previously known as Dewey Park, now  known as Westside Regional Park or Tillie Fowler Regional Park which lies directly West of Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida.

B. North Florida Archers shall operate as a separate and private club entity under a lease agreement with the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This lease shall be under contractual stipulations defined by contract terms of which North Florida Archers agreed to terms set forth in contract.

 1. Club membership shall be open to military personnel, DOD and the general public.

 C. The purpose of the club shall be to provide safe, educational and affordable recreation through the sport of archery for members and guest.


A.     The club shall establish and maintain all archery facilities deemed appropriate by the membership. Routine property  maintenance  will  be  performed  by  members  or  person’s  hired by the club.

B.     Club Officers and the Board of Directors shall ensure the compliance of all agreements made by the city of Jacksonville and North Florida Archers.

C.     Land use shall be limited to the sport of Archery, facilities, and activities as required.

D.     Modification of land, erection of buildings and facilities shall be coordinated with the land owner and the city of Jacksonville.

E.      The club shall be operated as a not for profit organization and reserves the right  to receive donations, hold fund raising events and perform other services deemed appropriate by the membership to generate operating and expansion capital.


A.     Club officers, Board of Directors and members cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage to personal property of anyone using property or facilities of the “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS” range area unless that person knowingly acts in manner in which another person’s life could be in danger. That person will be held responsible for his actions

1.       Individuals, members, guests and other persons on club property with or without permission   (written, verbal or implied) fully understand they are engaging in archery activities that involve certain risk of serious injury and possible death which may result from not only their own actions, inactions and/ or negligence of others as well as other risks not known to the club or reasonably foreseeable. Guest shall be required to sign a letter of release to North Florida Archers before using any facilities within the confines of North Florida Archers.

2.      Each person is responsible for individual actions with regard to their own personal safety and that of others, both on and off of the club properties. Safety   requirements associated   with the use of North Florida Archers facilities are posted and are required to be acknowledged by all new members and guests.

B.     The club shall maintain liability Insurance in the amounts defined in the Contract with the City of Jacksonville, or may decide to increase the amount if so desired by the members.


A.     Officers of “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS” shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, Range Officers.

B.     Terms in office shall be one year and shall commence in the month of February of each year with a maximum term of four consecutive years for any one office.

C.     All officers, including Chairman of board, and board members will be elected by a majority vote at the February club meeting each year with prior notice to all members via “E” Mail or Club WEB SITE.

D.      Presidential Duties

1.       Supervise all Club business and activities

2.       Preside at all club meetings

a.       Provide overall direction of the club toward achieving established goals and serve as official spokesperson.

b.       Meet with  other club officers and directors as required

3.       Conduct periodic audits of club funds.

4.       Appoint all committees and chairperson for said committees.

E.     Vice Presidential Duties

1.       Assist the president as requested.

2.        In the absence of the president preside over all Club meetings

3.       Maintain a current inventory of all Club property and equipment.

4.       Oversee all security requirements including locks, gates fences, and buildings.

5.       Schedule all tournaments.

6.       Supervise preparation of all Club newsletters.

7.       Serve as Safety Director for the Club.

F.      Secretarial DUTIES

1.       Assist the President as requested

2.       Maintain a complete master roster  with addresses and telephone numbers

3.       Ensure minutes are recorded at all meetings

4.       Prepare and submit to the Club WEB Master information relating to Club business

5.       Contact local Media outlets  regarding events  to be held at Club facilities

6.       Assist in the update of Club By laws each election cycle.

7.       Contact Club Members by phone or “E” Mail regarding Club work days

8.       Maintain a complete documentation inventory of current and past events.

9.       Ensure all contractual required reports are processed on time, and contents of reports meet contractual requirements.

G.     Treasure Duties.

1.       Assist other Club Officers as needed

2.       Issue membership cards as required.

3.       Receive and disburse all Club funds as directed by the Club President, after having been approved by members.

4.       Maintain proper financial records.

5.       Assist in the annual audit of all financial transactions.

6.       Report to State, local and, Federal Authorities any and all information as required.

7.       Assist the Club Secretary with other administrative task as required.

8.       Ensure all Club Insurance requirements are kept current.

H.    Range Officer;

1.      Assist other Club officers as requested.

2.      Implement and oversee all Club SAFETY regulations and requirements.

3.      Supervise range maintenance, modifications and repair through equitable use of Club members

4.      Select from the membership body two members to assist with Range Officers duties Report names of persons to club officers. You and your team will be the only persons caring for the placement of targets, repairing or any other thing referring to range safety. Ensure all target lanes are free from cross shooting.

5.      Supervise work details as necessary.

6.      Indoctrinate new members on Club safety policies and practices, as well as general performance expected of members.

I.       Chairman of the Board

1.      Chairman of the Board shall be a member who has served in multiple elected Club positions .Person shall have knowledge of all applications regarding contractual/Government rules and regulations concerning the use of Government properties. Chairman shall possess knowledge of current contractual stipulations requiring Club reports and expected performance while under contract to the city of Jacksonville.

2.      Chairman shall be picked from existing members, who has the above mentioned background. Once chosen, member will be voted on during the monthly meeting

3.      Chairman of the board will oversee any and all charges brought against any member of Club. Charges will be investigated.  Findings will be documented, and presented to club officers for action.

4.      Chairman will work with Club officers and members in resolving issues regarding Government stipulations for use of Federal Properties.

5.      Chairman will work with other board members, and Club officers to better promote North Florida Archers to existing populations of surrounding areas.

6.      Chairman will coordinate with outside users for the use of Club facilities. Chairman will submit requirements to officers/members for approval.

J; Board Of Directors

1.       Board of Directors shall be made up of approximately 15% of Club membership, with a Chairman elected by membership.

2.       Assist Club officers in planning, guidance, and implementation of matters involving the operation of the Club and to represent the interest of the membership at Club meetings.

3.       Vacant seats of the board may be filled at any time during the year by members

4.       Assist the Chairman in any investigation of members abusing his/ her membership, or member using unsafe practices.


1. Each year NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS Traditional Archers host a shoot that brings Traditional Shooters from all over the Eastern Seaboard. During this period all other Archery activity comes to a halt. It is required that members of the Board of Directors appoint one traditional Archer as director of operation for this period. In addition to this requirement one person will be appointed as Traditional Range Officer for the Traditional Range. This area is located on the western corner of North Florida Archers facilities. This appointment term will be for one year. The director of Operations for this event will coordinate all activity with the Traditional Range Officer.

            2. Traditional Range Officer will advise the Club Officers of the dates of event, expected cost and any special requirements Club must provide during event. Traditional Range Officer will enforce all Safety rules applicable to all of North Florida Archery Facility. Traditional Range Officer will report all safety violations to Board of Directors and North Florida Archers Range Officer.


a.       No Cross Bows

b.       No Firearms of any kind

c.       No Spears or lances

d.       No alcohol of any type

e.       No controlled substances of any type unless authorized by medical doctor



Membership is open to the military, DOD personnel, and general public pending individual applicant approval by Club Officials.

1. Each membership is individual.

a. Spouses and dependent children through age of 17 are to be covered under family  membership.

2 Appropriate dues amount will be established by the club for “Lifetime Members” who wish to pay one lump sum. “Lifetime Members” shall pay one lump sum payment of ten times the annual cost of type of membership in effect at the time of purchase.

a. Membership dues amount will be established by vote at the February elections meeting     of each year and become effective February 1. Memberships will cover a twelve month period and automatically expire on the last day of the month of the period. All collected dues are non refundable.

1. Temporary or short term memberships may be granted for persons whose presence in the area is anticipated for less than twelve consecutive months. This may apply to initial or renewal memberships. Application may be made at any regular meeting with those members present setting the cost and the period involved.

C. “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS” may honor certain persons with an “Honorary Member” status free of annual dues. This status is to be granted on a very limited basis and, requires majority approval of officers and Board of Directors.

D. Each member is expected to comply with all safety rules posted and in the “General Safety of North Florida Archers” as attached herein.

1. Any membership may be terminated for just cause as determined by Board of Directors            investigation, findings or to be reviewed by club officers then presented to members for a vote.

2. All animals brought to the Club, must be retained on a leash during the period member or    guest is on club properties. No exceptions are allowed

E.  No alcohol is to be consumed within any portion of club facilities, or within the park area.  Violation of this rule will result in dismissal from North Florida Archers.

F. All members are expected to assist as requested on committees, work days and range maintenance

      1. Range will be closed during scheduled workdays until work is completed.

      2. Members may donate money in lieu of work day participation.

G. Archers shall not shoot at anything other than approved and designated targets. Broad head arrow points may be used in designated areas clearly marked as broad head area. In areas marked Broad heads only, member may use his/her personal target butts.

H. Members must display membership card while on club grounds.


A.  All guests and spectators sponsored or unsponsored are to be treated as potential members. After two visits they shall be encouraged to join or will be charged a $10 guest fee for each use of the range, thereafter. All guest will be sponsored and escorted by  an active member

B.  All guests are obligated to obey club rules or be escorted off the club property.

C.  All guests or members having children with them are directly responsible for the conduct and safety of same. Unruly children with parents are to be escorted from Club facilities.

D.  Each guest shall be given a safety brief, and at the conclusion of brief, guest must sign a disclaimer of fault. Disclaimer is to be made a part of Club records.

E.   Club members who abuse this guest policy may lose their Club privileges.


A. Monthly meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Meetings will be held at club facilities unless change of location is required due to unforeseen events

B. The president may suspend or reschedule a meeting if it conflicts with other major events which might result in a low turnout. Board of Directors meetings shall be conducted in conjunction with the monthly club meeting unless otherwise scheduled by the Chairman.

C. A majority of officers, Board of Directors and members at any regular club meeting shall constitute a quorum with full authority to carry on business matters of the club.

D. Election of officers and Board of Directors will be announced by the President through the Minutes of past meetings, and the use of the WEB or “E” Mail.

E.  All minutes are to be posted on Club WEB page within five work days after meeting.


A.     Elected officers can be removed from office for failure to carry out their duties in a responsible manner as set forth in ARTICLE IV after a Board of Directors review. Other special conditions and / or circumstances may be addressed by the membership at a scheduled meeting for the removal of an officer.

B.     Officers that voluntarily resign their position will be replaced in accordance with ARTICLE IV


A.     “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS” may upon approval of the membership and officials affiliate with any national, state or local organization to further the sport of Archery and to benefit the club and its membership.



A.     Upon approval of the membership at a regular meeting the Constitution and BY-LAWS do hereby supersede and replace any previous printed, written’ verbal or implied BY-LAWS that may be in existence governing the “NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS”.

B.     These BY-LAWS may be amended, altered or modified at any club meeting provided potential changes have been publicized prior to the changes being incorporated.


A.     Upon dissolution of the NORTH FLORIDA ARCHERS, all Club assets will be divided equally and donated to the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of America.