North Florida Archers meeting minutes
March 7, 2018

The Club Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country.
The Club Secretary, Don Williams, briefed the attendees on the minutes from the prior meeting (Feb)  
The Club Treasurer provided a detailed summary of Club Activity for the month of February
        We had 8 new members join our Club.
        We had 6 membership renewals.
        Club Expenses were usual and customary with the added expense of Belt Buckle Awards for the upcoming Traditional Rendezvous in April and the waste container invoice from the January Work Day which was finally received during this reporting period. The arrow saw was also replaced.
Michael Chesser turned over the floor to Billy Loudermilk/ Club Chairman of the Board. 
Billy indicated he had received an inquiry from one individual about our Youth Programs - estimated 20 Kids. Mike at that time indicated he had also received a call regarding 15 4H Shooters. General discussion ensued which reminded all that our Youth Programs had been suspended at last month’s meeting and that we need a certified instructor/figurehead to take over and manage all youth related training activities of the Club. Stay tuned for further details while the search continues.
Michael Chesser then spoke about a potential affiliation with IBO / International Bowhunters Organization and the benefits that the club could receive if taken down that path.
        It would only require that 2 members in the whole club be an IBO member - estimated cost about $30/yr.
        It would entitle the club to HOST 1 IBO Event each year.
        With the only other IBO Club within the state located in Fort Lauderdale, it would help put NE Florida and Our Club on the map!
        At IBO events, competition rounds are $35 with IBO only taking $5 and the remainder staying with the Club.
        These events are well attended from all over the US and some from out of country.
        IBO can provide discounted Liability Insurance and save the club a bunch of money that cost. Mike is checking with the City on some specifics.
        IBO has crossbows in a discussion with IBO since our meeting, it will not impact us as we would NOT have to provide/host a crossbow category.
        IBO provides advertising for their affiliate members/clubs to help provide additional exposure.
        IBO is looking to expand their Southeast Footprint and feel like our Club is the perfect fit.
        IBO events provide a variety of classes/competition for both compound and traditional archers.
        IBO website is
        Mike mentioned from his discussions with IBO leadership that there is potential down the road to Host IBO Qualifiers which could bring lots of people to our Club and help increase our shoot revenues and hopefully membership rolls.
        It would require NFA membership to be on board and to volunteer to help with the effort.
There are certain things that would need to be worked out regarding affiliation. The logistics of hosting a large event, parking, etc....There is some thought that with the exposure potential, the City of Jax would be onboard to help. 
Mike asked for a motion to affiliate with IBO, have a window for research and schedule a vote on the motion for the April Meeting. Butch made the motion which was accepted by attendees. 
        We will have vote on joining as a IBO affiliate at the April 2018 meeting. Further details will be provided via Facebook between now and then and/or at the meeting prior to the Vote.
        If you have questions, reach out to Club Leadership via FACEBOOK.
On separate note, Insurance specifics are being worked with the  City of Jax for our scheduled March and May payments. Work is in progress. 
The Traditional Rendezvous is NEXT MONTH! We need workers and Volunteers to help with all the tasks and with the regular Club Shoot the week before on April 8th. There has been much discussion at archery events around FL and we anticipate higher turnout! Support your Club and help with setup or trail work. Use Facebook to reach out to Club Leadership with any questions. 
The Annual Awards/Holiday Party came up for discussion with several attendees voicing concerns regarding Club Cost, Member Cost, venue, etc…  
        Debbie Lowe/Don Williams have agreed to help find out some options to present to membership on costs/menu, etc...General thoughts are that it will not be a Club Continental due to cost. It will not be held at the Club so that we don’t have to put it on ourselves (in its’ entirety - lack of indoor space) so stay tuned for further details. IF you have an idea, don’t be shy...let us know. Send and email to Don at
Don Williams and the By-Law Review committee have completed their work. Don offers his thanks to David Doughman, Mike Hutchinson, Shannon Terrell, Gene Parson, Billy Loudermilk for their time and feedback. Don will work with Jim Parsons to publish the completed document for a review period by membership. Changed/updated information will be seen in BOLD and removed portions are lined thru. 
We expect to hold a vote on the By-law document at the April Meeting. 
There is a new Non-Member Release of Liability Form that we put back into use at the March Monthly Shoot and will use on the Tuesday Shoots beginning March 13. There is also a new Hold Harmless document that you will find at the Club in the coming days that will replace the “Blue Cards”. These new forms require a member witness signatures so be advised that members onsite when we have visitors need to proactively engage visitors and get them to complete these forms. There will also be a place to put them up by the pavilion - these are being implemented to help meet our insurance reporting requirements and better document visitors/guests at the Club. 
Members are advised that personal Guests have a 2 visit limit after which you should be convincing them to join our Club AND the Family Membership covers your children until they turn 18. After they turn 18, they are no longer covered under your Family Membership. They should have their own membership.
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Don Williams

Recorded by Don Williams