North Florida Archers meeting minutes
March 07, 2012

Club president, Mr. John Guttry opened the meeting with a pledge to the flag and a silent prayer for our troops serving our country.

Other in attendance was the Vice President, Range Officer, Treasure and numerous board officers.

New members in attendance was introduced to other club members, and welcomed to the Club

Treasures report was .presented by Mr. Charles Laughton. Upon finishing his report, motion was made by Mr. Swift to accept report as read, second was made by Mr. Dan Makley. Report was accepted as read.

Mr. Nelson said that he had not expected to be .taking minutes, so he had not brought the last meetings minutes. It was decided to discuss old business that was forefront, such as.

a.       New bag covers for the 20-30 and 40 yard targets. Mr. Guttry stated he had requested cost figures from the vendor, but had not received a response as of yet.

b.       Mr. Nelson asked Mr. Makley about the status of face book usage for the club. Mr. Makley said that face book for the club is on line and ready for members use. Question concerning its use can be obtained by calling Mr. Makley

c.       Mr. Guttry said he has made contact with Bear Archery, and made arraignments to procure a new Bear bow for the raffle at the end of the year. Mr. Guttry said the tickets are available for sell and the cost is $5 each or 6 for $20. Mr. Guttry said we got a very good deal on a $900 Bow.

d.        Winner does not have to be present to win Mr. Guttry stated.

e.       .Mr. Swift stated that the Traditional Archers should be considered when we are talking about Bows. He indicated that the traditional archers would support a raffle also, but it will be for a traditional bow. Left or right handed bows were discussed. It was decided that a right handed bow would be obtained. Mr. Mike Cieslinski said he would donate a left hand bow.  Bow was not to exceed 50Lbs draw weight.

New business was opened for discussion.

Mr. Nelson stated we have conformation from MR Clifford that he will accept the club Secretary

Position if he is approved by the officers and members. Mr. Dan Makley nominated Mr. Clifford, Mr. Swift seconded the Nomination. All members present voted aye. Mr. Clifford is our new secretary.

Mr. Nelson said we have a need for a dedicated Range officer, and Mr. Steve Crader has stated he would be happy to serve if so elected to the position. Mr. Dan Butler nominated Mr. Crader. Second was provided by Tom Swift. All present voted Aye. Mr. Crader is our new Range Officer.

Mr. Butler suggested the Club should consider providing good targets for the Traditional range. Mr. Guttry said he would check to see what could be done.

Mr. Butler said he has been promised 13 bags of new target faces from Bear Archery in Gainsville, Fl., But he doesnít have the time to go and get them. Mr. Guttry said he has to go and pick up the Bow for the raffle, so he can pick them up while there.

Mr. Nelson asked Dan Makley if he had the cost for their shoot coming up in April ? Mr. Makley said he would provide it during this month. Mr. Makley said the biggest cost is the Trophies.

Mr. Laudermilk said he was starting the Tuesday night shoot next Tuesday night. He said he could use some help in getting targets out and back in.

Mr. Nelson asked that we go through the updated By-Laws and provide comments for changes in areas that needís them. By-Laws were read and comments were provided by attendees. Changes approved will be added and the updated version will be submitted for approval at the next meeting.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was closed.







Recorded by C. Nelson