North Florida Archers meeting minutes
March 03, 2021

The regular monthly club meeting of North Florida Archers was called to order at 6:07 PM on March 3, 2021 by Butch White, Club President

    2. The minutes for the previous meeting were reviewed by Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary and approved.

    4. The Treasurerís report was reviewed by Debbie Allen, Club Treasurer and approved. Debbie Allen stated there was unreported funds on the Square Card reader account. Those funds have been added and reflected on this monthís Treasurerís report.


NFA hosted the Traditional Archery Society shoot this past weekend and it was a success. There were 56 paid shooters. Fort Lauderdale Archers hosted their IBO Championship shoot this past weekend as well. Discussed whether this may have caused our club to lose participants for the TAS shoot. NFA President communicated the TAS shoot details with the Regional Director of IBO well in advance. The decision to hold the IBO shoot on the same weekend was made by the President of Fort Lauderdale Archers. The Club President and other members expressed they received a lot of positive feedback from participants of TAS shoot in regards to the club facilities and how well the shoot was conducted.

Voting on Rules changes:

    1. The proposal to change the month to December for our Yearly voting for Club Officers and Board Members was voted on and change was passed.
    2. The proposal to change Yearly term for all Club Officers and Elected Board Members from 1 year to 2 years was voted on and change was passed.

Range Officer, Justin Connally had no new updates or issues.

Butch White discussed that the club will be using measures to control the mosquitoes for the upcoming warmer seasons.

Reminder that our monthly Club shoot will be held this month on March 13th and 14th. Compound shoot will be held on Saturday, the 13th and Traditional shoot will be held on Sunday, the 14th.

Reminder that the club will have the first Introduction to Archery Lesson on March 13th from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. This will be a once a month event and the cost is $25 a person. All proceeds from the lessons will be given to the Club Treasurer for deposit. See Mike Chesser for details.

The club is taking donations for the Target Fund. Any club members interested in donating to the fund, envelopes are provided and can be deposited in the Drop box in the front of the Pavilion.

The first Tuesday night Club shoot will be held on March 16th. Shooters may begin at 5:30 and it will be a casual start.

The 1st NFAA field archery shoot will be held on Sunday, March 21st. 14 Target 2D animal round and 14 Target 3D animal round. Registration fee will be $20 per person. There will be a 50% payback. ASA rules/scoring will apply for 3D course. Senior classes will be available. Mike Shea will complete a flyer and submit for posting to Facebook and the NFA website. See Mike Shea for details.

On April 16th-18th the Traditional Rendezvous will be held. This is typically our clubís biggest shoot of the year. Volunteers are needed for target set-up, registration, etc. Discussed the need for a volunteer sign-up sheet and the steps that will be taken to improve volunteer participation. Discussed the need for improvement with the registration process. The Club president and officers will be formulating a plan to make changes to improve how registration is handled at the Traditional Rendezvous.

Discussed how to improve advertising for our Club shoots and Yearly shoots. Facebook, Club website and word of mouth are our current mode of advertising. Mike Hutchison suggested "Leatherwall" as another alternative. He volunteered to post our NFA shoot flyers on Leatherwall.


Club Vice President, Mike Shea made a proposal that the club allot $1,000 to spend on new cores and targets. Mike Shea has spoken with a vendor that sells cores for $55 each. The plan is to replace cores on the walk-around range targets. The proposal was voted on and passed.

Chairman of the Board, Mike Chesser gave an update regarding our insurance policy requirements this year. The club will need to implement a Sexual Harassment Policy. Mike Chesser will be writing the policy and it will be submitted to Club President and officers for approval next week. All Club officers will be required to sign a Form of acknowledgement stating that the policy has been read and understood. The policy will be sent out in all new member packets going forward and will be posted to the Club website.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made and carried.

Meetings minutes completed by: Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary



Recorded by Debbie Lowe