North Florida Archers meeting minutes
March 2, 2011

Officers present John Guttry, Bill Loudermilk, Charles Laughlin, Jim Parsons, KenTaratus, Charlie Nelson
The meeting was called to order at 6 pm and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our troops.

Charles Laughlin presented the treasurer’s report. Report was approved as read 

Jim Parsons read minutes of the February 2, 2011 meeting. Minutes were approved as read.

Old business:

The 3D targets from last months ASA shoot have been delivered. It was also announced that a new coronagraph had been purchased from Green Acres.

A new tee shirt vendor has been selected. It was decided to order more XL and XXL shirts with this order since these sizes seem to be the most in demand.

The new membership badge implementation was investigated by Charles Laughlin. More discussion followed. New membership badges with members expiration date will be implemented ASAP. Note: ALL members will be required to wear and display membership badges while on club premises.

New Business:

Range officer Ken Taratus introduced Cory Hampton and asked that he be considered as an assistant range officer. Motion was made and seconded, All approved the nomination

Charlie Nelson announced that liability waivers are not being completed as required. Club members are reminded it is their responsibility to have a guest sign a liability waiver and that the waiver be properly secured at the club. Charlie Nelson suggested a box be installed at the club to hold waiver cards that have been signed by guests. Grover Hendel volunteered to provide. It was suggested the box be attached to the shed wall in close proximity to the current drop box. It was also suggested the club's current drop box needs better signage. All agreed.

We will have our second 3D shoot this weekend, Mar 6, 2011. Volunteers will be needed to help with the setup Saturday (8 am). Known distances are now displayed with the first 10 targets.

Charlie Nelson announced he will hold a meeting with the board members after the meeting. Board members are asked to take a more active role in club activities. Charlie also announced he will host a Girl Scout group at the club in the near future.

The new range officer announced he would like to post signs stating "All shooting is to be down the lane, No cross lane shooting".

Bill Loudermilk suggested the club create "Event" tee shirts for the Traditional Rendezvous and the annual Extreme Shoot. All agreed it's a great idea. A design for both events will need to be created. If you know of anyone with artistic talents, please ask them if they would consider helping us with the designs. The design should incorporate the club's logo.

Bill Loudermilk suggested we should have a "Shooter of the Year" award. This award would be based on collected points from the years shoots. All agreed but, details are still to be worked out.

Ben Butler announced he will need help with setup and operation of the annual Traditional Rendezvous, scheduled for April 15-17. This has been a good event for the club in the past. Please come out and give us a hand the week before the shoot and the weekend of the shoot.

NOTE: The walking range will be closed to all club shooters while the Traditional Rendezvous setup is under way and it will be closed to all non traditional shooters the weekend of the event. For everyone's safety, please observe posted notices.

Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.


Recorded by Jim Parsons