North Florida Archers meeting minutes
    March 1, 2017

    Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and a moment of silence was observed for our men and women serving at home and abroad.

    ·        Don Williams read the minutes from the 2/1 club meeting. Accepted as read by membership.
    ·        Lesa Clifford provided the treasures report. Accepted as read by the membership.

    Michael Chesser updated the club on several ongoing topics;

    ·        Thanks to Billy Loudermilk for his efforts/legwork for the Liability Insurance. The Club side of the paperwork has been submitted for approval to the Insurer then it can go to the City for Final Approval.
    ·        Thanks to Charlie Nelson for working with the environmental review staff for their inspection as part of the continuing Lease process. The club received good remarks from the inspection. Our part of the lease is complete and pending City Approval. No ETA.
    ·        Solid Waste Update: we are stuck with current vendor until Aug 2017. A change is being reviewed that will provide approx. $100/month in savings. It is cost prohibitive to get out of the contract that is in place due to financial penalties.
    ·        Trespass issues remain ongoing. Be alert and vigilant.
    o       If members encounter any non-club members on property and they are resistant to leaving when asked by a member, Contact the Police to have them “escorted off premises”.
    ·        Michael also asked Ben Butler to inspect the back fence by the public park and report what it will take close it off.

    Charlie Nelson updated the club on the Christmas Party for 2017.

    ·        Date for Christmas Party is Dec 21, 2017.
    ·        Cost is $13/member - $5 gift exchange (guy/girl)
    ·        Payment deadline is Dec 11, 2017
    ·        Same location in Orange Park on the river.

    Traditional Rendezvous

    ·      Michael proposed a work day at end of March to being preparation; Saturday March 25.

    ·        A workday the week of the event is TBD. Ben Butler and Steve Jordan have already fixed the back foot bridge and cleaned up the bridge to the 3D traditional range along with other wooden structures. Range Officer should review trails prior to work day on March 25th to see what/if any extra clean up may be needed (large trees, etc…).

    ·        Will Clifford /VP made a suggestion for an additional Novelty Shoot that is presently called the 2-5-10 Challenge.
    o       15 targets / $15 bucks for 1st round, $5 for other rounds if taken.
    o       2 arrows – if you lose or break both arrows,  your shoot is over.
    o       Any Bow, Any Arrow
    o       High Score for Men
    o       High Score for Women
    o       X – 5 – 10 s coring only

    Membership discussed a Gate for the front 3D range and or to fence it for safety. Jim made motion to fence it for safety, 2nd’d by Billy – Ben is supposed to obtain quotes for wood fence.

    Wood Arrow Shooting

    There was some historical discussion held regarding longbow class, wood and carbon arrows and how we got to here.

    ·        Any change, if approved, would not apply to Traditional Rendezvous as there is not enough time to communicate a change and there could be financial impact to club from people choosing not to shoot/attend club events.
    ·        A vote was held on prior motion to change Traditional Longbow Class for NFA organized shoots to wood arrows only. That vote failed 6 No to 5 Yes.

    There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.



    Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams