North Florida Archers meeting minutes
February 7, 2018

The Club Meeting was called to order by Michael Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for our Men and Women serving at home abroad.
The Club Secretary, Don Williams, briefed the attendees on the minutes from the prior meeting.
The Club Treasurer provided a detailed summary of Club Activity for the month of January
        We had 9 new members join our Club.
        We had 8 membership renewals.
        Club Expenses were usual and customary and included a final payment to Quick Catch for Hog Removal.
        Net income from the February Shoot was up over 40% from last year and was well attended.
        1st place payouts for Cash Shooters with more than 1 entrant:
    ●       Men - $39/Recurve & $34/Longbow
        Women  - $10/Recurve
Michael Chesser again welcomed the attendees to Election Night 2018 for North FL Archers.
    Membership was informed of the apparent resignation of Charlie Nelson as Chairman of the Board. All text and email messages are being archived for review by any member who wishes to see them. He was also not present at the Meeting for consideration or nomination by attendees to remain as Chairman. Membership made motion to send a Thank You for your service letter which was approved by attendees.
    Due to the construct of the Club By-Laws which are already under review by Committee, Mike Hutchinson made a motion to SUSPEND a rule under Section IV which prevents a Club President from serving in any other capacity for a period of 5 years after his/her term. This motion was approved unanimously by attendees and was required in order to elect a new Chairman of the Board.
    Debra Lowe made a motion for Billy Loudermilk as potential Chairman of the Board due to his overall qualifications and experience as a prior Club President- he accepted.
        The motion was seconded and unanimously approved by attendees.
    Under current rules, Board Members can be elected by majority vote in any given month. Since the By-Laws are in review with some expected changes; ALL existing Board Members from 2017 were retained with the addition of Hector Leon which was unanimously approved by membership.
    Mike Hutchinson made a motion that all Club Officers from 2017 be retained for another year. It was 2ndd with unanimous consent from attendees.
Your Leadership Team for 2018
        Michael Chesser - Club President
        Will Clifford - Vice President
        Lesa Clifford - Treasurer
        Don Williams - Secretary
        Ben Butler - Senior Range Officer
        Billy Loudermilk - Chairman of the Board
Michaels Talking Points
Range Safety will be a big focus this year. There is an expectation that if Members see something, they will say something so people who are not abiding by Club Rules can be addressed by the Board of Directors. Bring any concerns to a Club Officer.
One of the Cadillac Stands is temporarily closed / roped off for repair and inspection by Sr. Range Officer.
The City of Jacksonville provided dirt and graded the entry road to the Club at no cost: which looks really good.
With the target acquisitions of 2017 we have many targets that are tournament ready and are in very good condition so we should be in good shape well into 2018.
With the exit of the former Chairman, the seasonal event at Club Continental will likely be handled differently this year and can provide a significant cost savings to the Club while allowing for greater attendance by our Members. Alternative are being explored.
The Club Work Day for January 20th went without a hitch other than overall attendance was low. A Rendezvous specific work day will be targeted for Saturday April 7 after the Monthly Shoot setup for April 8. This will be an effort to complete items that were not completed at the January Work Day and which need to be completed for the Rendezvous. More details will be forthcoming.
There was talk about annualizing the due date for Member Renewals to provide for better budgeting and how that could be accomplished. This item is tabled for further discussion.
Facebook / Social Media will be big in 2018 for gaining members and advertising events.
A general Club Maintenance Day is scheduled for May 19th.
With the exit of the former Chairman an issue has arisen regarding organized Youth Programs. The issues involve instructors, liability,  parental waivers, overall safety, coordination of and execution of the event. There was potentially a large group the former Chairman was having open discussions with for early 2018. He is being approached for contact information and further details. Rick Crouse made a motion to SUSPEND ALL Youth Training Initiatives until and IF these issues can be resolved. This motion had unanimous agreement by attendees and was approved.
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Don Williams


Recorded by Don Williams