North Florida Archers meeting minutes
Feburary 06, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Laudermilk at 6 PM.
The Treasurers report was read by Mr. Charles Laughlin and accepted by the members in attendance.
New Business
Mr. Nelson informed the members that the DNR wished to hold a Bowhunter Safety Course at the range on March 9 2013. Mr. Guttry seconded the motion and it was accepted by the members.
Elections for club officers fro 2013 were held and presided over by Mr. Loudermilk.
Mr. Nelson made a motion to consolidate the Range Officer positions; the members approved this motion.
Results of the election:
President: Bill Loudermilk
Vice President: Ken Quinones
Treasurer: Charles Laughlin
Secretary Wil Clifford
Range Officer: Ben Butler
Board of Directors:
Chairman: Charles Nelson
Board members: Kevin Booth, Don DeLong, Grovel Hendel, Johnie Johnson
                                 Daniel Loudermilk, Dan Makley, Allen Sparkman,
                                 Tom Swift, Woody Pilgrim, Shawn Lachance.
Mr. Loudermilk thanked the club members for the outstanding turn out and all of the work accomplished during the January workday.
Mr. Nelson brought up the subject of cooking hot dogs after the shoots. The club members discussed the subject and all agreed that hot dogs should be served after each shoot.
The club meeting schedule for 2013 was brought up by Mr. Loudermilk, meeting dates for the rest of this year will be March 6, April 3, May 1, June 6, July 7, August 7, and December 4. The first meeting for 2014 will be January 8.
Mr. Nelson volunteered to contact the Club Continental to schedule a date for the next Christmas Party. The proposed date for the party is December 13.
Mr. Nelson recognized Mr. Guttry and thanked him for his outstanding service to the club over many years.
Mr. Loudermilk brought up help for the treasurer during shoot registrations. Mr. Shaun LaChance volunteered to help.
Mr. Nelson suggested changing the white target bales on the walking range with the compressible bales recently installed on the target range over the next few years.
Mr. Loudermilk made a motion to place a sign in book at the range. He suggested that all members should sign in prior to shooting. The members approved this motion.


Recorded by Wil Clifford