North Florida Archers meeting minutes
February 5, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Mr. Loudermilk at 6:00 PM.

Mr. Laughlin read the Treasurers Report, the report was accepted by the members.

Mr. Clifford read the minuets from the December 2013 meeting. The minutes were accepted by the members.

Mr. Loudermilk applauded the work done by Collin Block and his Boy Scout Troop on the Youth Range during the January work day. All members present agreed that the Scouts did an outstanding job.

Mr. Loudermilk stated a need to have another skid brought in to remove the rest of the surplus diaper material formerly used to build targets from the club grounds.

Mr. Loudermilk stated that we still need to complete the installation of new targets at 60 yards on the target range and on the walking range.


Mr. Nelson stated that the Florida DNR would like permission to put on a Bowhunter Education Class at the North Florida Archers Facility on March 29. This year’s class will include tree stand safety. The members approved allowing the DNR to conduct the class.

Mr. Nelson suggested the club place a plaque on the Youth Range to commemorate the work done by the Boy Scouts. The members agree and approved the purchase and installation of a plaque.

Mr. Loudermilk stated that he intends to restart the “working man’s shoots” on March 11 at 6:00 Pm.

Wounded Warrior Benefit Shoot:

The shoot is scheduled for March 8

Mr. Nelson stated a need for the following items:

-Folding tables

- Folding chairs

- Long extension cord (for the bands)

-Tables for amplifiers and speakers for the bands. (bands will supply amps and speakers)

- New flag to be raised on the club flagpole.

The ROTC is scheduled to march in at 08:55

Colors scheduled for 09:00

The shoot will begin at 09:000 after Colors and run until 12:00.

Food service will begin at 12:00 immediately after the shoot.

Volunteers are needed for

-food preparation and service

-assisting with the collection of money

-safety patrols and shoot administration

-Mr. Nelson intends to contact club members to solicit volunteers to help with shoot activities.

Members set the price of a meal at the Benefit shoot at $5.00 and .50cents per drink.

Club members are encouraged to bring food items such as potato salad, beans, deserts etc

The members agreed that the normal shoot payout will not take place for this shoot.

The club will retain enough money from the proceeds of the shoot to cover costs all other money will be given to Wounded Warriors.

The club agreed that members of the bands performing during the shoot will be provided with a free meal.

Mr. Nelson stated that NAS JAX may not be able to provide an escort for Wounded Warriors who may attend. Mr. Loudermilk suggested that if necessary the club may need to fund an escort for them.

Mr. Nelson stated that he has distributed shoot flyers to most sporting goods retailers in Duval and Clay counties.

Mrs. Janice Loudermilk suggested that the club initially sell no more than approximately 140 meal tickets to ensure we have food for everyone who purchases a meal ticket and adjusting from there based on food supply and demand. Club members concurred with her suggestion.

Club members are encouraged to provide items for the raffle to be held after the shoot.

There will be a meeting of all volunteers one week prior to the shoot. The meeting will be held on March 1. Preparations for the shoot will be discussed again during the normal club meeting on March 5.

Election of Club Officers was held.

The election results follow:

President- Bill Loudermilk

Vice President- Ken Quinones

Treasurer- Charles Laughlin

Secretary- Wil Clifford

Range Officer- Grover Hendel

Chairman of the Board- Charles Nelson

Board of Directors:

Gary Beckenbaugh, Kevin Booth, Don Delong, Brian Eckert, Johnnie Johnson, Shawn Lachance, Daniel Loudermilk, Dan Makley, Allen Sparkman, Tom Swift.



Recorded by Wil Clifford