North Florida Archers meeting minutes
February 01, 2022

The regular monthly club meeting of North Florida Archers was called to order at 5:49 pm by Mike Chesser, Club Vice President

Butch White, Club President was absent

Debbie Allen, Club Treasurer was absent

    2. The minutes for the previous meeting were reviewed by Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary and accepted.

    4. The Treasurerís report was reviewed by Mike Chesser, Club Vice President and accepted.

    6. Mike Chesser discussed the New Member Orientation Class that the club will be requiring for new members. There will be 1 class following each monthly shoot and possibly another class scheduled at a different date each month. Membership cards will not be issued until members attend the class. The tentative start date for this will be March 1st. Every officer will be trained to teach the class. Members can join and access the club prior to participating in the class; they just wonít have a card issued until after class is completed.

      The next Club monthly shoot is coming up on February 12th and 13th. Volunteers are needed to set up targets for this shoot.

      TAS Shoot is coming up February 18th-20th. Volunteers will be needed to set up 40 targets the week leading up to the shoot. Rule change for TAS shoot is as follows: Top 3 6-target shoot-down has been eliminated. Instead, on the last day there will be a Championship round in which shooters will be grouped up according to class. Reinhart targets will be used for this shoot.

      Mike Shea is holding an event for disabled veterans on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4 pm-6pm.

      There will also be a Wounded Warriors event held at the Club. Mike Shea asked for volunteers (maybe 3 or 4). Masks may be required at this event since it is sponsored by Brooks Rehab.


Mike Chesser made a motion to nominate Jeremy Hall as a Board Member. Mike recognized Jeremy for all his help with club events and helping with archery lessons. Jeremy gave a quick bio. He moved from Alabama 2 years ago. He is a CPA and is employed by a firm locally in Jacksonville. He grew up bowhunting in Alabama. Motion was voted on and passed to elect Jeremy to the Club board.

Amanda, a 4-H representative attended our meeting to discuss a partnership between NFA and 4-H. They are requesting the use of the club to provide a place for 4-H students to practice archery. They have been granted an NRA grant to purchase archery equipment. There are approximately 20 students from ages 8-18. They would like to visit the club about once monthly, weekday afternoons or a day on the weekend would work best. The 4-H is willing to pay monthly dues to the Club. The 4-H club is fully insured and will provide all volunteers needed. 4-H volunteers are screened by the State and are certified 4-H instructors. They are able to provide their own equipment and target blocks. A motion was made, voted on and passed to partner with the 4-H Club. Kickoff is tentatively planned for May.

Mike Shea discussed some changes for ASA shoots for 2022. Novice and Hunter Classes changed to Senior Pins, Menís pins 40, Menís pins 30, and Menís pins 45. Womenís Hunter and Novice Classes changed to Womenís pins 30 and Womenís pins 40. All Traditional shooters will shoot from the blue stake, which is 30 yards max distance.

Mike Shea made a motion to allow club funds for buying target cores. $550 is the cost and someone has volunteered to go pick up the cores instead of shipping. Motion was voted on and passed.

Mike Chesser made a motion regarding Club compound shoots. If you shoot in the Novice class (Pins 30) after 2 wins you will have to move up to the next class. Motion was voted on and passed.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 6:34 pm and carried.

Meetings minutes completed by: Debbie Lowe, Club Secretary







Recorded by Debbie Lowe