North Florida Archers meeting minutes
February 1, 2012

Persons in attendance: Mr. John Guttry (PRES), Mr.Billy Loudermilk (VP), Mr. Charles Laughton (Tres),Mr. Jim Parsons (Sec) and Mr. Charles Nelson (COB). Other attendees included members of the board and guest.
Mr. Guttry opened the meeting with the pledge to our great country, followed by a moment of silent prayer for our troops serving in distant lands.
Mr. Guttry asked for the reading of the treasure report.  Mr. Laughton presented the report, and after conclusion of report, it was accepted as read.
Mr. Guttry requested the minutes from the last meeting be read.  Mr. Nelson sitting in for Mr. Parsons provided a reading of old and new business.
Old business topics of concern are as follows:

1. Target bails needing new covers. This was accomplished 01/21/2012.

New business topics are as follows:

1. Mr. Laudermilk presented the shoot schedule for the year 2012. Schedule was approved by all present members.
2. Mr. Laudermilk presented the class of shooter's for all shoots being conducted at NFA. Classes were accepted as shown.
Mr. Wyrick asked if the club had considered using facebook as one of the means to communicate with the member body? It was discussed, but no decision was made at this meeting as to yea or nay. Additional discussions will be carried over to the next meeting.
Mr. Rick made another recommendation that was greeted with approval, and that was the club make an appointment of a liaison Officer. Position would have the responsibility for the following:
1. Notifying all members and community of club events.
2. Assembling persons for work parties.
3. Keeping news media aware of club events.
Decision for this position will be voted on at the FEB. 2012 meeting.
General discussion by the members focused on gifts for members after the final shoot of the year. It was discussed that Mr. Nelson and Mr. Laudermilk contact Bow manufactures to see what is available .Both agreed to do so.
Purchase of ASA targets was discussed. Mr. Nelson informed the members that the cost from last year to this coming year has gone up. New cost for a range is now thirty five hundred vs $3000. Centers included would drive the cost to $5200. It was discussed about buying from Green Acre's there leftover ASA targets . Mr Nelson said he would check on it.
New business from 02/01/2012 meeting
1. Mr. Dan Mackley will evaluate the usage of Facebook and get back with members on his findings, and Mr. Mackley said he would manage the application if club decided to use the concept.
2.Mr. Nelson said he had contacted Mathews Archery to see what hay had to offer. He was told they did not have a program that provided gifts to club's. Mr. Laudermilk likewise contacted vendors, and was told the same thing. Mr. Guttry had asked Green Acre's if they new of any such programs. He was told that Mathews had a buy program which has a very good discount for the  product. Topic was discussed and a pledge was made to spend up to five hundred dollars for a product that would be raffled off during the shooting year. Mr Guttry will pursue this effort.
3. Mr. Nelson said the ASA targets he had suggested buying from Green Acre's was no longer an option. The ones he looked at weren't worth the money.
4. Mr. Guttry, during our work day come to a conclusion that there must be a better way to change the target bails out each year, or as needed. Mr. Guttry said he has located smaller bail bags and they would require target stands for each. This application concept has merit and will be followed up on. Mr Guttry will get the cost and report back as to what it will take to transform from what we have to the new. Mr. Guttry said the 60 and 70 yard bails would stay the same.
5. Mr. Wyrick had proposed having a new position of Liaison Officer for the club.This was discussed in detail and was decided that the Secretary should have those responsibilities as shown in our club By-Laws.
6. Mr. Nelson said that NFA By-Laws have not been updated for several years and this is an annual requirement. Mr. Nelson said the President is reponsibile to ensure this is done annually after annual elections are conducted. It is also the reponsibility of the President to conduct annual
audit of our assets, and provide a writting report to the club of his findings.
6. Mr. Laudermilk said he has made some changes to our classes for shooters, they are as follows.
a. Mens open A/B      45 yards
b. Mens open C          40 yards
c. Mens known            45 yards
d. Mens hunter            40 yards
e. Ladies open A        45 yards
 f. Ladies open B        40yards
g. Ladies known 40    40 yards
h. Ladies hunter          30 yards
i.  Novice                      30 yards
j.  Youth                         25 yards
Traditional                    Decided by traditional setup officer.
Mr. Nelson say's the club should provide comments about our Christmas dinner with pictures of the facility. What can you say about the most wonderful dinner this club has ever had. Thanks to Mr. Harris and his wonderful staff  which made our evening most plesant.
Mr. Guttry now called for the elections of new officers.
Mr. Gary Beckenbaugh was nominated for Range Officer and approved with a second. All were in favor.
Mr. Phil Wyrick was nominated for secretary, motion was approved by a second and all voting aye
Mr. Charles Laughton was nominated for Treasure, with a second and an aye from all attendee's.
Mr. Billy Laudermilk was nominated for Vice President,second was given and all voted with an aye.
Mr. John Guttry was nominated for president, nomination was seconded and all stated aye.
At the conclusion of meeting. Mr. Guttry and all attendee,s  thanked Mr. Jim Parsons for his dedicated contributions given to North Florida Archers. Mr. Parsons will still be involved by keeping the wonderful WEB he has created for NFA.
Adjournment the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2011.


Recorded by Charlie Nelson