North Florida Archers meeting minutes
Jan 08, 2020

The Club Meeting was called to order by Club President, Mike Chesser. The Pledge of Allegiance was completed and a Moment of Silence was observed for the Men and Women serving our country at home and abroad.

The Club Secretary read the minutes from the last meeting, minutes accepted as read by Membership.

The Club Treasurer provided a summary of Club Activity for December 2019.

  • Checking and Savings balances are looking good with usual and customary expenses including:
    • Stamps, Dec Shoot
    • Christmas Party expenses

NFA memberships

    • 16 new including 10 families
    • 4 renewals including 1 family

Club President Michael Chesser had the following talking points.

  • No Rinehart 100 in 2020 - declined due to property less than 100 acres.
  • Online Payment of membership dues has had a lot of interest. Mike to pursue with Jim P for addition to web portal.
  • Clean Up Day on Jan 11.
    • Focus areas include : Target Inventory, Pavilion Clean Up, Target Foam should be delivered by Friday and IBO Shoot Prep work.
    • All to meet at pavilion at 8am for breakout to work teams.
    • Butch to lead efforts
    • Dumpster should be delivered on Friday
  • Notes on IBO Shoot
    • All unknown
    • 40 targets Compound, 40 targets Traditional
    • Last Man Standing and Eagle Eye Challenge discussed.
  • TAS discussion
    • Coming Soon: Feb 8, 9
      • Can now shoot 2 Classes
      • Pick 1 for Final Round
      • NEW! Top 12 in Final Round have 6 target shoot down, best score wins.
      • 1 Night Coon Shoot
      • Shoot Registration Software to be used, provided by TAS.
  • Ongoing revenue discussion:
    • Adding Summer Coon Shoots
    • Spot Tourney at the bales
    • Other Ideas needed
    • Target Fund Contributors of a minimum $50 get placed on Board.


  • Field Archery update - Mike Shea
    • Need roofs on bales - looking to address on Clean Up Day.
    • Target the Animal Course for Validation by NFAA and host Animal Round Shoot in 2020!

General Reminders for the Following;

  • Traditional Archery Society - TAS Southeast Regional Championship is slated for February 8-9, 2019.
    • Can now shoot 2 classes and pick 1 for the Finals
    • New Shoot Down Format to determine winner.
  • NFA Tom Swift Rendezvous April 10-12, 2020.
  • Compound and Traditional Shoots will be split into different days in 2020 - See Event Schedule.
  • Shooter of the Year Changes for 2020 - $10 Fee to help defray costs - sign up in January.
  • December 20, 2019 is the NFA Christmas Party
  • Reminder to ALL that the LAST ONE OUT at any time during the day - LOCKS THE GATE!!!

There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.


Don Williams



Recorded by Don Williams