North Florida Archers meeting minutes
January 5, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm

Prior 2010 minutes weren't available

Old business wasn't discussed with the exception of the Christmas dinner. Members were asked if they were happy with the food, facility etc.  All were pleased.

Mr. Nelson presented the treasurer’s report for the last quarter of 2010. Report was approved as read with one exception, the disbursement portion was incomplete. Disbursements will be provided at next meeting.

New Business:

Mr. Nelson wanted approval to have next Christmas dinner at the Club Continental, located in Orange Park. All agreed to this proposal. Mr. Nelson will contact Club and firm up a date. All agreed to have it on a Friday night in the month of December. Motion by K. Booth, second by D. Loudermilk

Mr. John Guttry made a statement concerning the Non-NFA members using the facility. All said this will not be allowed. He asked all members to assist in monitoring the usage of the facility.

Mr. Kevin Booth said that we should consider putting a card controlled lock on the gate. Mr. Booth is to look into the cost and report same at next meeting.

Mr. Guttry said we needed more posted signs on the facility fences. All agreed. It was decided a total of six (6) signs will suffice. Signs will be purchased at Home Depot. Each sign will have an NFA sticker attached.

Mr. Guttry stated that the work day this month will be Saturday,  January 22.  Mr. Guttry assigned Mr. Loudermilk to work the walking range, Allen Sparkman will have general cleanup of facility. Mr. Guttry will tend to field range. Inventory has not been assigned as of yet. Mr. Grover Hendel/Charlie Nelson will place posted signs on fence. Mr. Kevin Booth will make phone call to seek helpers for work day.

Mr. Nelson said that  the upcoming Christmas dinner will have gifts to be given by a draw. He said he will be getting donations from vendors prior to dinner.

Mr. Guttry reminded members that we will be having elections in February. Seats may be open and if any member is wanting a position, this is the time to apply. Attend the elections and support the club by electing said member.

Mr. Kevin Booth asked for a call list of 10 members or more who were always helpers. Mr. Nelson said he would provide him a list of persons that are always available when asked.

Mr. Loudermilk and Mr. Guttry asked about changing club policies on shoots. They both wanted to have known distances on half of the 25 targets for all the shoots. All agreed after a long discussion. Mr. D. Loudermilk proposed, Mr. Booth second

Mr. Guttry said that six (6) sailors from NAS has asked to use facility while being assigned to temporary duty at NAS-JAX. Sailors said they would be here for a period of 6 weeks. A motion was made by Mr. Booth to let them use the facility. Discussion ensued and it was agreed to charge a user fee of $20  Motion was re-made to accept this requirement. Second was provided by Mr. D. Loudermilk

Mr. Guttry said he was preparing the annual "T" shirt order. Color of shirts was decided. Persons needing or wanting shirts to contact Mr. Guttry

Mr. Nelson displayed license tags bearing NFA logo. Multiple colors of tags can be purchased. These are very nice tags. To see a print, contact Charlie Nelson.

Mr. Guttry said that he has been talking to Jack at Green Acres about targets. They decided to purchase targets from ASA shoot in February. Half will got to Green Acres, half will got to NFA. Several persons have agreed to go to ASA shoots and pick up targets. Motion was made by Daniel Loudermilk, second by Kevin Booth.. Approved

Billy Loudermilk said there was a conflict between NFA and Circle 'C'. Both have a shoot scheduled for the same day, August 21. NFA will move the Extreme shoot to August 14 and have shoots back to back, Aug 7 & Aug 14. Shoot schedule will be revised. 

Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011.


Recorded by Charlie Nelson 01,05,2011