North Florida Archers meeting minutes
January 8, 2014

Meeting was called to order by NFA President Mr. Billy Loudermilk. Pledge was given, then a short prayer for our serving military.
Mr. Loudermilk announced that there would be no minutes or Treasure report given at this meeting, but will given at the Feb. meeting.
It was brought to the attention of those present that the previous schedule for the annual Traditional shoot is currently scheduled for the weekend of 18>20 April. This is Easter weekend, so shoot needs to be rescheduled. All agreed that the shoot will be rescheduled for the weekend of 11>13 April 2014.
Concerning the upcoming workday scheduled for18 Jan. Mr. Loudermilk stated he has made arraignments for a roll away dumpster. The price for this unit is $400. All agreed for the club to get this unit. Roll away will only be allowed to have target waste. No household items will be put into dump unit.
During the workday, heavy equipment will be needed. Mr. Loudermilk said he would contact Mr. Guttry to see what he has available. Mr. Nelson said the entrance at the gate area is in poor shape and needs to be worked upon as well. Mr. Laughlin stated the road is in pretty good shape in comparison to last year, but agreed work needs to be conducted on parts of it. Price for a load of fill gravel should be around $400 if needed. Mr. Loudermilk said he would bring his tractor from home to do the grading.
Mr. Loudermilk said the club has procured enough material to do ten targets. Material requires cutting before it can be used. He stated that some has been cut, but more still needs to be cut. Mr. Loudermikl stated that he and Ken were taking the day off from work this coming Friday to finish cutting what is left. Should anyone be free to help, please contact Ken or Billy.
Boy Scouts will be working on the youth range at the same time as club will be doing it's annual inventory, facility clean up, and target replacements.
Food will be served to those working. Menu consist of Chicken, Slaw, and Boston Beans. All agreed this was adequate.
Mr. Loudermilk presented to all attending members a release form giving to him by the city. This form is to be signed by all members volunteering to work at NFA. Some members signed this form and returned it back for disposition.
Mr. Parsons reminded members that the current agreement for our WEB site expires this coming Sunday. The cost for renewal is $136.50. All agreed it should be renewed. Mr. Parsons said he would renew agreement. 
Next meeting will be 05 Feb. 2014. Club elections will be held at this time.
With no further items to discuss, meeting was closed.



Recorded by C. Nelson for Wil Clifford