North Florida Archers meeting minutes

6 p.m. – May 6, 2009


Officers present: Bill Laudermilk, Hank Gaspari, Jim Parsons, Shane DeLance, Charlie Nelson


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our troops.


Jim Parsons read the minutes of April 1, 2009. The minutes were approved as read.


Hank Gaspari read the treasurer’s report. The report was approved as read


Discussion of old business:


It was noted that Terry Bumgardner would not be chairing the “Working Man” Thursday night shoots.  This event has been indefinitely postponed.


New Business:


Hank Gaspari announced he is moving to south Florida and is resigning as the club sectary.  A nomination was made and seconded to approve Charles Laughlin as the new club sectary. The approval vote was unanimous.


Eagle Landing has been reserved for this year’s annual Christmas party, scheduled for December 18, 2009. 

Charlie Nelson was approved as the chairman of gift donations and gift distribution format.


Discussions evolved as to changes to make for this years party.  These changes were discussed and approved.


  • The dinner will be buffet style.
  • Santa Clause will pass out gifts to the guests at their tables instead of calling numbers for gifts.
  • Children 8 years old and younger will eat free.
  • Children 15 years old and younger will receive gifts provided by North Florida Archers.


Charlie Nelson stated the City of Jacksonville has reported that they are pleased with the operation and membership of North Florida Archers.


Range Closures: Future range closings will be posted on the NFA website as soon as possible.  Although the closure for the Traditional Rendezvous weekend was reported in the April minutes, some did not know of the closure and showed up that weekend to use the clubs facilities.


It was decided that no retaining frames would be built for the targets on broadhead range.


Signs are being obtained and will be posted to notify all shooters that range finders are strictly prohibited at any club shoot.



Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned approx. 7:00 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2009.












Recorded by Jim Parsons