Revised 08/09/2010
                    North Florida Archers
    Safety and Membership Guidelines


The following safety and membership guidelines are written for your protection as well as the protection of the North Florida Archers archery club. The officers and members of North Florida Archers want all archers and their guests to safely enjoy our facility.

North Florida Archers bear the expenses of maintenance for the entire range and facilities. These rules have been adopted to preserve our equipment, supplies and investment. We are a non-profit organization. Members, guests or visitors who violate these guidelines may be prohibited from using our facilities and may have their club membership revoked.

- - -

  1. Members are responsible for closing and locking the club’s access gate when they are the last person to leave the facilities, regardless of the time of day.
  2. Absolutely no alcohol, crossbows, guns (including BB and pellet guns), ATV’s or fireworks of any kind are permitted on the club’s property. Members should be aware that the North Florida Archers facilities are located on Federal land. Members and their guests are subject to all federal and/or local laws regulating our properties.
  3. Hunting is not permitted on any portion of the North Florida Archers facilities, nor shall anyone shoot any live animal or bird for sport or target practice.
  4. Members must accompany their guest. Guest privileges are limited to three visits. All guests must sign a liability waiver before shooting anywhere in the confines of the North Florida Archers property. Liability waivers (blue 3-D registration form) are available at the line range bulletin board and at the bulletin board under the pavilion.
  5. Members and guests shall not litter the grounds in any manner and will dispose of any trash in the containers provided.
  6. Exercise extreme caution when smoking while on the property. Do not dispose of any smoking materials in trash barrels.
  7. Report any unsafe or low hanging branches or limbs to the Range officer or other club officer for proper removal.
  8. Shoot only in designated shooting areas, lanes and fields. Enter the range only through designated entrances and do not cut through or across any other shooting lanes or trails. Never walk the trails in reverse due to the danger of walking in front of shooters.
  9. Motorized vehicles are not to be driven on the line range or anywhere inside the walking range boundaries (with the exception of those necessary for either maintenance or set up of an organized shoot).
  10. No bow shall be pulled, with an arrow nocked on, in the parking, pavilion or picnic areas.
  11. A responsible adult must accompany children visiting North Florida Archers and that adult will be responsible for the safety of that child. Members, guests and visitors shall not allow any child to roam the range unescorted. If there are children in your group who are not shooting, they must remain behind the shooting line at all times. Please insure that children in your group do not disrupt other shooters.
  12. The shooting range portion of the North Florida Archers facilities is divided into three areas: Practice/line range area, 3-D walking range(s) and designated broadhead area. You must use the appropriate area for the type of archery you are shooting. Members or guests shall not set up their own target(s) in an undesignated shooting lane.
  13. When shooting the practice bales, members and guests shall not hold up the shooting line for other shooters by shooting an excessive amount of arrows at one time. You shall place your bow on the rack and wait behind the shooting line until the line is cleared. It is the responsibility of the shooter on each end of the shooting line to determine that all shooters have completed their practice end, signal to each other, and announce, “PULL” before stepping out to pull any arrows. No shooter will shoot while any archer is still forward of the shooting line.
  14. If you have overshot a target or have lost an arrow, you should place your bow, or an appropriate warning device, in front of your target while you are searching for arrows behind the target or butt. This procedure applies to all shooting areas including the 3-D walking range(s).
  15. Never shoot any broadhead arrows into any practice bales or 3-D targets. Broadheads are to be used only in the area designated for broadheads.
  16. Members and guests shall not move any target or remove or replace any target face without permission from the Range officer or other club officer.
  17. Members and guests should understand that there will be times when the entire range may be closed for shooting and practice during designated “Work Parties”, tournaments, etc. Obey the posted signs. No shooting is allowed on any portion of a closed range.
  18. Members are responsible for any guest, visitor or spectator they may bring to this facility and are responsible to assure their compliance with these safety and membership guidelines.
  19. Fall protection (safety harness) is required when using the tree stands located on the broadhead range. This rule does not apply to the walkup stand, also known as the Cadillac stand.